Chihuahuas As Services Dogs – Believe It or Not

Chihuahuas as Service dogsSome of are you are probably thinking how can such a tiny dog be a service dog. When you think of services dogs; most people think about German shepherds, labs or some other bigger breed of dog. I truly believe that chihuahuas as service dogs can be beneficial to some people. Maybe not in the same way as the bigger dogs, but they are trainable and can be useful in some situations.

A Sweet Companionchihuahuas as service dogs

I know you are probably thinking how is this a service. Just think about it a minute. You have a single or elderly person that is lonely; having a pet can help keep them company. Especially, an elderly person who lives alone. A lot of times they look at their pets as their child or baby. It gives them something to take care of. It gives them something to be responsible for. Some elderly women like to put clothes on their pet.

In my opinion chihuahua would be a great choice. They are very loving dogs. They are also lapdogs; which could help keep a lonely person company throughout the day. The dog can sit on their lap while they watch TV together or take an afternoon nap together.

Another good reason to have a chihuahua around would be that they will definitely tell you if someone is in your yard. So, they could also give a single or elderly person a sense of security; just knowing that there is someone else in the house that could hear someone pulling in or approaching the house.

A Great Therapy Dog

Chihuahuas as Service DogsAlthough, at times I know that chihuahuas can be nervous or skittish, they can be trained properly and would make great therapy dogs. I they would make great therapy dogs in the children’s hospitals, nursing homes, or for people with disabilities.

Because of, their small size it makes it easier to set them up on hospital beds. Their size also makes it easier for someone to hold the dog on their lap. Other reasons that make them good therapy dogs is their personalities;they are alert, intelligent and confident.

There are chihuahuas that are serving as therapy dogs now and show that they are a good match for the job.

Can They Be Watch Dogs?

The answer to the question is yes. While doing research I found out some people Chihuahuas asService Dogsranked them number one for a small breed watch dog. They can be very territorial. So if someone or some other animal is in their territory they are going to let you know about it.

Chihuahuas have a reputation of liking to bark a lot anyway, so this would give them a reason to bark. This can come in handy if they are a watchdog. Another thing about these dogs; they do not realize how small they are so they are brave and act much bigger than they are, especially if they feel like their territory has been threatened.

It is also advised if you want your chihuahua to be a watch dog that you train them when it is the appropriate time to bark. And even though most of these dogs can be yappers, that does not mean all of them are. Personality needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to training any dog to be a watch dog.

Diabetic Service Dogs

First, I will explain what a diabetic service dog is. It is a dog that have learned to recognize when his/her owner’s blood sugar level has reached a dangerously low level or is about to reach a dangerously low level. There are two levels of these types of service dogs.

The diabetics service dogs can tell if their owner’s blood sugar is too low. It is by the smell of isoprene on their owner’s breath. The dog has been trained to act in a certain behavior to alert the owner. The owner usually has 15 to 30 minutes before symptoms start to occur. These are the behaviors the dog’s have been trained to do:

  • Touching his owner’s shoulderChihuahuas as Services Dogs
  • Touching the owner’s nose
  • Staring at the owner
  • Some have a small toy on their collar they will hold in their mouth until the owner acknowledges them.
  • Some of these dogs have also been trained to alert another family member if the owner is not acknowledging them.

The medical response dog is trained to assist the owner after showing symptoms. These dogs are trained to:

  • Bring needed objects and medication to the owner
  • Retrieve the phone if 911 is needed to be called
  • Alert other family members


Chihuahuas Can Be Service Dogs

These small, intelligent dogs can become service dogs. Depended on their personality they would be very good at it; with the proper training. Somethings just come natural for them. Like being a good companion for an older person and being alert. These dogs are trainable and would make great therapy dogs or diabetic service dogs. And even though they are not big in stature they can make great watch dogs as well.

If you have any question or comment, please feel free to leave them below. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.





Love Chihuahuas – I Love My Chihuahuas

Love ChihuahuasI have always liked smaller breed dogs. But after having a chihuahua that is the only breed I will probably have from here on out. i love chihuahuas. The first chihuahua I saw was when I was a child. But he seem to be a mean little thing, at least I thought so. I was so fascinated by him, but he would not let me near him. He would bark and growl anytime I tried to approach him. He was an older dog and probably was not used to being around children. You would think that he would have discouraged me from wanting one myself, but he just made me even more curious about these small dogs.

My Chihuahua Family

I wanted a chihuahua for several years before I finally decided to buy one from a local breeder. I got my first chihuahua over eleven years ago. The breeder I got him from did not have a good set up for breeding, so I talked her into letting me bring him home at four weeks old. I hand fed him the first few weeks I had him because he was so young. He turned eleven in May. He seems to still be in good Love Chihuahuashealth. He likes to play fetch and catch, but he does not play for as long as he used to. That is understandable; he is getting to be an old man.

I got the idea, that I would breed him and sell the puppies would be something I would like to do. That is when I got my second chihuahua. She was a rescue dog. They only had one liter of puppies; breeding wasn’t meant for me. I fell in love with those tiny little puppies and did not want to sell them. I kept three of the five puppies. That brought the number chihuahuas I had up to five.

I not only had all five of them in my house, but they all slept in the bed with me too. I know that is a lot of dogs to have in the bed. But I love to snuggle up with one or more of my fur babies at night, especially on cold winter nights. I plan on having at least one chihuahua for the rest of my life.

They Are So Cute

Love ChihuahuasTo me they are one of the cutest dog you can have. I love to see these tiny dogs; for me the smaller they are the cuter they are. I think it is so adorable when I see one dressed up in a cute outfit. I truly believe some chihuahuas like being dressed up. If one of mine gets a new collar or sweater they prance around as if they were saying; don’t I look cute you in what I have on. Some people really enjoy dressing them up in different outfits. Some people like to buy accessories to go with the outfits; dog collar charm, a hat or a pair of shoes. You can buy an entire wardrobe for them.

The also like to prance around and show of the new toy that you just bought them or anything they can find to show you. It does not have to be a new toy, it can be one they have had for a long time.

They like to be the center of attention. At least, the ones I have do. Sitting up on their back legs or standing up dancing around just so you will acknowledge them and give them attention. I have one that will sit and moan at me when he gets jealous because I am petting one of the other dogs. Some of the things they do can be so funny.Love Chihuahua

Low Maintenance

Chihuahuas do not require a lot of grooming. They do have times that they shed. Bathing them every few months is recommended and brushing them regularly is all the grooming they need. For me this is a plus. I do not have to worry about having to take my dog to the groomers every so often for a hair cut.

They will need their nails trimmed on a regular bases as well. Some people prefer to take their pet to the groomer or vet to have this done. If you take them to the groomers they will also paint their nails for you, their nails can match a new outfit you want them to wear. I usually cut my dogs nails myself. But you Love Chihuahuashave to be careful not to cut them back too far if you do it yourself.


These dogs can be very lovable animals. They are considered lapdogs. Most of the time they prefer to stay close to their owner. Just like other breeds they usually pick one person. When, I sit on the couch I have at least two of the three chihuahuas with me. They are either on my lap or laying up against me. These dogs also like to have other chihuahuas around. Mine usually sleep against each other, close to each other, or against me.

I know some people think chihuahuas are mean and some people are scared of them. I admit there are some mean chihuahuas out there. I think these dogs are just extremely nervous or scared. Think about it, you have a five pound dog that is only several inches tail looking up at you; to that dog you look like a giant. Would you not be scared too? I know I would be.

In Conclusion

I wrote this post just to show how much I love this breed. They are very loving pets. A lot of people love to dress them up because they are so tiny, cute and it can be fun. They are also low maintenance. I know chihuahuas are not for everyone, but I hope to have giving you a different prospective on this breed. They really can be a good breed to have.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.





Anxiety Dog Wrap – Product Review

Product: Anxiety Wrap
Company: The Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Chihuahua’s Experience with Anxiety

Calming a Nervous dog
My bigger chihuahua

I bought this anxiety dog wrap for one of my chihuahuas; that has become terrified of thunderstorms and other loud noises. When he was younger he would just sit and shake. But it seems the older he gets the worse the anxiety gets. He had gotten to the point he would run through the house panting and shaking. Seeing, that he is a senior dog now, I was starting to get worried that all the anxiety could cause him health problems. I was afraid he would have a heart attack.

So, I started researching ways to help him with this problem. When he was younger I spoke to the vet and he gave him valuum. This was a bad idea. I did not like drugging my dog up every time a storm came through. At times the storm would have already passed by before the drug took effect. Then I just had a sleepy dog for no reason. In my opinion use medication should be a last resort. Anxiety is a common thing in dogs, especially chihuahuas. They tend to have a nervous nature about them already.

I decided to see what other methods were available to help with the anxiey. Since, he is the first pet that I had that had this problem; I was not very educated on the problem but I knew he needed some relief. After reading about anxiety wraps and thunder vest I decided to purchase the anxiety wrap from Amazon. I knew I needed to at least try something to help my poor baby.

Did it Work

I can not say it completely took away his anxiety. But it did cut it way down. He is not running through the house anymore. He still shakes and pants some, but he is a lot calmer than he was before I bought the wrap. I think one of the reason it did not completely work is that I went by the size chart and the wrap is a little big. I use the Velcro to adjust it so it fits tighter. I think I am going to buy a smaller size in the same brand; which should make a big difference. I am hoping it will resolve the problem completely.

The sizing chart can run big,  this is why I gave it four stars. The wrap should fit tightly if you have the correct size. It fits one of my chihuahuas that’s a little bigger better. So, when buying this product keep in mind that you may want to buy it a size smaller than the chart recommends. Hopefully, the company will realize this is a problem and adjust the measurements of their chart or make some changes to their product.

Anxiety dog wrapWhat Other People Thought

As I went through and read some of the other reviews. I found that some people had the same problem I had with the size chart. This was the biggest complaint. The people that bought the wrap for  smaller dogs gave it a better review. This product seems to work better for the poeeple who bought the wrap in the smaller sizes. One person talked about how much they loved the product and how much better the dog did during storms. Another person said their dog no longer needed anxiety medication.

This product did not seem to work out as well for the bigger dogs. Some of the people that had bigger dogs with a long, thick coast did not like the product. They said it was too stretchy and would not fit tight enough around the thick fur. Some people complained that it tore easily or didn’t like the quailty of the material

Anxiety Dog WrapPros and Cons

Pros: this product does work for smaller dogs. It can help your pet with anxiety. I like the fact that is stretchy so that you can get a good fit. It is breathable and allows your dog to be able to move around freely, even if they are running. It can take the place of medication. The product is cost effective. And it is easy to clean. I have had mine for about four months and it seems to be holding up well.

Cons: the sizing chart is not accurate. It does not work as good on the bigger dogs or fluffy dogs. Some people found it difficult to put on. Others complained about the quality of the material. It only comes in one color; black. Some people prefer to be able to pick what color they want.

In conclusion

I think the anxiety wrap helps. Other do not feel the same way as I do. The biggest problem with the wrap is it seems to be made big or the sizing chart is off a bit. I personally would buy this product again and I will buy it again in the near future. This product is affordable and it works for a lot of people. On the Amazon review it got 3 out of 5 stars. I gave it a little higher score because it does work for me and my dog. I am pleased with the product and glad I bought it. If you would like to find out more about this product or purchase it; you can find it on Amazon.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or your own review below.


Small Dog Winter Clothes – Get Ready

Small Dog Winter ClothesIt’s that time of year again; time to get prepared for winter. If, you have a chihuahua in the family; you may consider getting them small dog winter clothes for those cold days. These dogs were meant to be in warmer climates; so they get cold easier than some of the other breeds that can acclimate to the cold. I have a few suggestions to keep your little one warm this winter.

Small Dog Winter ClothesWinter Coats

Those of you who live where it can get bitterly cold; a winter coat may be the best choice. They are thicker than sweaters and have a liner in them. They also have a hood. You can get a padded coat or plush coat. If, you live where it snows a lot they also have snow suits that have a fleece liner. Winter coats also can be waterproof or reversible. When picking out a coat you will need to consider what is best for the area you live in. You can find some coats at the store. But, I found they have a lot better selection online.

SweatersSmall Dog Winter Clothes

Sweaters would probably be a better choice for those of us that live in a milder climate. Where I live the lows may occasionally get below the upper 20s. And these little guys usually do not stay out very long when it is cold, rainy, or snowy. A sweater would help keep them from getting a chill while they run out and take care of business. Sweaters comes in different sizes and color you should be able to find one that you like and that will fit. Sweaters can also used in the house; for those who enjoy putting cute clothing on their pet.

Small Dog Winter ClothesJumpsuits or Sweatsuits

You can give your dog a different look with jumpsuits or sweatsuits. These can also be made to keep your dog warm. Some of these are  waterproof. Some of sweatsuits have a popular name brand on them. You can find a jumpsuit with the air force logo on it. I also found a pair of overalls and a dinosaur suit; these ones were made for more indoors. There is a lot of different cute designs and colors in the jumpsuits and sweatsuits. Just remember when you are picking one out that some are for indoors and some are for outdoors. You would want to get one that serves the right purpose.


A lot of people that have chihuahuas just enjoy dressing them up and making them look cute. Although, some of these items could be useful in some cod areas; they will also make your pet look even cuter. Your pet may need a pair of waterproof boots if you live where it is really cold and snowy or rainy. You can Small Dog Winter Clothesalso find boots that the main purpose is just to keep your dog’s feet warm. All the boots come with anti slip soles. They also have Velcro to make it easy for you to put them on and take them off. Another choice would be a pair of shoes;these would be more for fun than warmth. Just in case  you want to match them up with an outfit or jumpsuit your pet may be wearing out that day. These come in canvas, mesh, or rubber. They also have anti-slip bottoms and most have Velcro. The last thing would be a knitted hat or a hat and scarf combination. You can get these just for fun, a special occasion, a holiday or a few would be for warmth. The hat would be just another accessory to add for fun.

Be prepared

Winter will be here before we know it. In some parts it is already starting to get cold. Now is the time to be thinking about what your chihuahua may need to help keep him/her warm during the winter months. We need to keep our babies warm when they go outside. These dogs have a tendency to get cold easy. Whether you need a coat, sweater or just something cute for your pet , I hope you find what you are looking for.

Chihuahua Fun facts – 20 Interesting Facts

Chihuahua Fun faxctsI thought it would be fun just to do some research and list some interesting facts that you can find on this breed. I have enjoyed reading chihuahua fun facts. There is so much to learn about these little dogs. This is just a few things I found interesting.


  1. There is two types of chihuahuas: Long haired and short (smooth) coat. I prefer the smooth coat. Only because I think they are cuter.Chihuahua fun facts
  2. Their heads have two different shapes: apple head- which has a round head and deer head- which has a longer head similar to a deer. Both types can be part of the same litter.
  3. Chihuahuas can have ears that stand up or flop over. AKC only recognizes standing up ears. It seems most of them have ears that stand up, but I have seen both come from the same liter.
  4. Chihuahua noses can come in different colors: black, brown, gray, pink, or two-tone. The color of their coat helps determine the color of their nose. These dogs come is a lot of different colors and combination of colors. There is a color for everyone.
  5. The rarest color of chihuahua is completely white. Would it not be awsome to have a pure white chihuauhau. I think so, but I assume they would cost a bit more money to buy.
  6. They are usually six to nine inches tall and weigh up to six pounds. This is the average. Some of mine are quite a bit bigger than this.
  7. The puppies are born with a soft spot just like our babies. This usually closes up after a year, but some have it their entire life.Chihuahua Fun Facts

More Interesting Facts

  1. They are the smallest breed of dog in the world.
  2. Chihuahuas are not only in the toy breed group but they also are in the lap dog companion group. They make very good snugglers.
  3. Despite, their size they make excellent watch dogs. They may not be big, but they can be loud and are known for being alert.
  4. When you compare the body size in relation to the size of the brain; they have the largest brain. ‘which would make me assume they are smart animals.
  5. The Largest litter of puppies born is ten. The average size litter is four.Chihuahua Fun Facts
  6. A chihuahua holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest dog; due to her height. She was 3.8 inches tall and only weighed a pound.
  7. These dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the US and Canada.
  8. Some live up to 20 years. The oldest chihuhau lived to be over 21 years old.
  9. A chihuahua was never won the best in show at the Westminister Kennel Club Show. A guess just being cute will not win best in show.
  10. Due to their small necks a collar can damage the trachea. A harness is a better choice for walking with a leash. Of course, you can always have a cute collar for your dog to wear just because it looks cute.
  11. Most of these dogs do well with children, if introduced properly at a young age.

Chihuahuas in History

  1. Urban legend claims that these dogs can take away asthma.
  2. The ancient Aztecs thought that they could take away their sins.
  3. In ancient times they were used as hot packs. I can understand this one. If you have ever slept with a chihuahua under the covers; they can through off some serious body heat.

Celebrities and Chihuahuas

After the Taco Bell dog commercial chihuahuas became popular with celebrities. There has also been several movies made about chihuahuas: Legally Blonde 1 & 2; there has also been musicals made from this movie, Beverly Hills Chihuhuas, and Chihuahua, The Movie. This is jus some of the celebrities that have chihuahuas are:

  1. Marilyn MonroeChihuahua Fun Facts
  2. Reese Witherspoon
  3. George Lopez
  4. Rosie O’Donnell
  5. Madonna
  6. Jennifer Lopez
  7. Paula Abdul
  8. Hillary Duff
  9. Paris Hilton
  10. Miranda Lambert

I bet the these chihuahuas that have celeberty owners are pampered and have many different outfits and acessories to dress up in.

Just for Fun

I love learning about this breed.  There is so much information to find these day. I just wanted to mention some of the facts I thought were most interesting. Such as their size; and nose color and how some of these dogs have become famous. I hope you these facts as interesting as I did.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.





Cute Chihuahua Halloween Costumes – Fall Fun

Cute Chihuahua Halloween CostumesHalloween is right around the corner. It is time to start looking for those cute chihuahua Halloween costumes. You can find costumes for your pet at most of the stores you that you do your weekly shopping at or you can look online and find an abundance of ideas for you pet. There is a lot of cute costumes out there to find. I will share some of the different types of costumes and ideas you can find.


Cute Chihuahua Halloween CostumesIf you are looking for something simple a sweater with or without a hood would be good choice. These can make cute chihuahua Halloween costumes without going all out. This would be what I would choose. I prefer the sweater. It can also be worn more than just for Halloween. It’s is simple and cute and will keep your pet warm. You can find them with something printed just on the back; such as a jack-o-lantern or a skeleton. Others with hoods have different characters, critters, or animals to choose from.


Some people love Halloween and want to go all out for the night. There is plenty of costumes you can choose from. They are made out of material similar to the ones you buy your children. You can dress your little girl up as your favorite princess, super hero, witch or a fairy. Your little boy can also be dressed up as a superhero, star wars character, cowboy or he can be your knight in shiny armor. You can also find the one that strap to the front of your dog that has arms and legs. Some of the characters that you can choose is minions, super heroes, rock stars, or animals. The choices are endless when it comes to costumes

Wigs and HatsCute Chihuahua Halloween Costumes

I have also seen a  wigs. Some of these would be fine by themselves or go with your dog’s costume.  The one that seem to be the most popular is the lion wig. You can also find ponytails, cheer leading curls, Afros, and old lady buns. There is also hats available for your pet’s costume. You can go with a cowboy, pilot, viking with braids, or pirate.

Have Fun

I have tried to give you a few ideas on what you can find. Whether you are looking for a sweater, costume or an accessorize.There is enough choices that you and your dog can dress up using a theme.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. And enjoy picking out and dressing up your chihuahua in a cute costume.


Best Chihuahua Toys – Just the Right Size

Best Chihuahua ToyAll pets need their own toys to play with. Toys come in many different shapes and sizes. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the world. So, they need the best chihuahua toys available. Mini size toys for mini size dogs. These dogs need toys that are suitable for their small size.


Just like any other puppy, chihuahua puppies love to chew. With their small stature it is important to have a small enough toy that they will fit in their mouth. Tug ropes can be considered one of the best chihuahua toys for puppies. You can usually find these small enough for your puppy. And you can play a game of tug of war. They come in a natural cotton fiber that are good for teething. They are also made to help clean their teeth; which is very important in small dogs. These toys are also washable.

Non-toxic nylon bones would be good for your little chewer. These come in three sizes; so, the small one should work. These can entertain your pup for quite a while. If, you have a puppy that gets bored easy this may be a good choice. The bones are also good for cleaning the teeth. They are also pretty durable.

Adult dogs

Some dogs just want something they can chew on or toss around the house. I found small dog fruits and vegetable plush dog toys; these are squeaky toys. Just a warning in case you prefer not to have squeaky toys. They are made from a soft non-toxic cotton. In my opinion these would be good for your younger and older dogs.

One of my chihuahuas loves to play fetch. There are several types of balls that are a good size. You can find mini tennis ball, rubber balls, football, or balls with a squeaker in it. This will help get rid of some of that built up energy and gives you quality time with your pet. I always enjoy our games of fetch.


Toys with treats inside

All dogs like and deserve a treat occasionally. There is a fun way for them to this. You can get toys that are made to put the treat inside. There are some that are ideal for smaller dogs. You can get a food dispensing ball. You fill with your dog’s favorite treat and as the dog rolls it around the treats fall out. These balls can be adjusted to how fast you want the treat to come out.

Rubber chew and treat toys has a lot good uses. It would be a good choice for a puppy or older dog. It has an opening to put treats in. This toy was made to have an unpredictable bounce. So, your dog can have a fun game of fetch. It also can be a chew toy.

The Find BestBest Chihuahua Toys

I have tried to give you some ideas of toys that would be good for your chihuahua. There are so many different products to choose from these days. People see their pets as family. Companies realize this and want to provide things that will make us happy and our pets with their products. Enjoy your pet and his/her new toy.





Accessories for Chihuahuas -Enjoy Dressing Them Up

acessories for chihuahuasThose of us that have the privilege of owning a chihuahua know how much personality and how lovable these little dogs can are. I have also learned that people who own these tiny pets love them very much. Personally, I look at mine as my baby.

Accessories for Chihuahuas is one way of showing off their own unique personality. Because of their size it can be fun to dress them up and show them off in different pet attire and accessories. They also seem to enjoy the new things that they wear. They will prance around happily wanting everyone to see how cute they look at their new shirt or collar charm.

Fashion Trendsaccessories fro Chihuahuas


It was amazing to find out that this tiny breed has their own fashion trends. You can find a new line up of accessories for chihuahuas for every season and event. Keep an eye out for the latest styles of dresses, sweaters, robes, and jackets; just to name a few.

If, you like the movie Legally Blonde you can get the outfits Bruiser wore in the movie. I thought that was a pretty interesting find. When preparing for the cold months there will be a new selection of windbreakers, warm jackets, or sweaters to keep the little ones warm on those cold evening walks or snowy days. So, not only can your pup go outside in the latest trends available, they will be warm too.

Don’t Forget the Holidays

There is something for every holiday to make your pet festive. There is an array of costumes to choose from. Do you want to take your chihuahua out for trick or treating with the kids? You can pick them out a costume just so they can go along on the adventurous night. I find some of these Halloween costumes to be so funny; making them look like people or characters from your favorite movie walking around on two legs.

Some owners may want their fur baby in their family Christmas portraits. There is plenty of cute Christmas dresses, sweaters and suits to choose from. You can also find Santa suits and elf costumes. Perhaps Easter is your favorite holiday. Your chihuahua can wear an Easter bunny outfit, a new Easter dress or tuxedo with a top hat. Whatever your favorite holiday may be there is something for your chihuahua to wear to help celebrate.

CollarsAcessories for Chihuahuas

All dogs need some type of collar. Chihuahuas should have the right collar that expresses who they are or how much you love them. There is a variety to choose from. You have your traditional type collar. These can be personalized and found in your favorite color or a color that looks good on then.

Others like the bandanna look over the collar. These can also be personalized and have matching leashes as well. Then you have those who do not really care for collars or bandannas; these people may choose a harness instead. The harnesses come in a big variety of colors as well and have leashes to match. Which every one you they all come in different types of material to express personality or comfort for your pet.

Acessiories for ChihuahuasAccessories

Once you find the perfect outfit or sweater; you may want to consider adding an accessory. You can start with something simple like a pair of socks or booties to match your new attire. Socks can also be found with a holiday theme.

If, you want to take things up a notch and go a little fancier you can find hair clips, hair bows or charms for his/her collar. The charms can just show off personality or have a meaning; such as for breast cancer awareness or your favorite NFL team. And if you really want your little girl to look fancy you can probably find her a necklace you like to make her look pretty.

Some chihuahuas have a big problem with going out in the rain. For the rainy days you can find waterproof boots to keep their little feet dry. Hopefully this will keep them from being so reluctant when it is time to go out. On the opposite side of the spectrum; on the sunny days your pup may prefer to have a pair of eye wear or eye goggles to help block out the sun. And just think how cute it would look to have your pet walking around in boots or eye goggles.

Miscellaneous Attire

I have talked about keep your pet warm, but you can also get a raincoat to keep them dry on those rainy days. Some of these have reflective strips to make your dog easier to see. They are lined with fleece for warmth and have detachable hoods. The hoods fit snugly around the face to help keep water from getting in.

Sometimes chihuahuas get cold in the house too. There are bathrobes available that they can wear to help keep them warm until they are dry after a bath or maybe you just want them to be warm while snuggling on the couch watching TV. The bathrobes are made from very soft material that fasten with Velcro or snaps.

Have you ever been to a doggie wedding? There is also formal wear available, just in case you decide you want to have a chihuahua wedding. For your little girl you can get a gorgeous bridal dress with a headband to match. For your little boy there is an adorable tuxedo with matching satin bow tie.Acessiories for Chihuahuas


A Lot to Choose From

This post covers only a portion of the different ways you can dress up your pet. Some of these things would be just for fun. Of course your chihuahua really does not need the latest style outfit, or accessory on their collar. This is more about having a little fun in life and in the meantime enjoying your pet. Although, I do believe that every dog needs some type of collar. It would be a lot nicer to be able to pick out the one that fits your dogs personality. Have fun finding new ways to dress up your chihuahua.