How To Care For Senior Dogs – Things I Have Learned

how to care fo seior dogsIf you are like me once you get a pet; you give it a forever home. That dog becomes part of the family. In my case I have five dogs; three chihuahuas, one mixed breed, and the youngest member is a chi weenie. As they are growing older I am having to learn how to care for my senior dogs.

My senior dogs are now between the ages of 10 & 12. Fore the most part they all seem to be healthy. I have started seeing signs of old age and some of them are starting to need more care.

I Never Thought About Health Problems

I never really thought about my dogs having health problems as they grew older. I guess common sense should have told me that. The thought just never really entered my mind. In the past three months I have lost two of my senior dogs to health issues.

One of my chihuahuas started having heart problems a couple years ago. He gave up that battle in October last year. He was on medication for a couple of years before his heart gave out.

One of my mixed breed dogs started having a problem with her bladder. She had become incontinent. They do have medication that can help this problem. But her kidneys failed in December of last year and I had her put down. She was a very sick dog when I took her to the vet.

how to care for senior dogs

More Freuqent Vet Visits

As your dog gets older, you most likely having to start making more trips to the vet. I would recommend a check up every year to six months. I have found out that health issues can stay hidden for a long time. Regular check ups may help discover these problems before they decide to pop up all of a sudden out of no where and you have a sick dog.

Also, as some problems start you will notice a change in your dog. It may be a cough, getting up slower, a runny nose, or problems eating. All of these can be warning signs that there is something going on with your dog.

A cough can be a sign of several different medical conditions. You can read my post on Tracheal collapse or chihuahua health problems to learn more about what conditions may occur.

I just recently found out that frequent sneezing can be a sign of infection in a bad tooth. Dental problems can lead to other serious health conditions. One of the conditions is heart problems. I would recommend you take your dog in for routine teeth cleaning and try brushing or wiping down their teeth if you dog will let you.

Be Prepared For Medicationhow tocare for senior dogs

When the two dogs I mentioned before passed away. I was giving both of them two different medications a day to help with the symptoms they had developed. Just like humans as pets get old some need to be put on medications to help with illnesses or health problems due to their old age.

Medication and vet visit can get expensive when you have more than one dog. I love my dogs, but having so many can get expensive, so when the ones I have pass away I will most likely only have one; two at the most.

Expense is another thing I did not think about as accumulated so many dogs. I have a big heart for dog, especially chihuahuas. But now that they are all senior dog, but one; I am always trying to be more aware how each one of them is to care for senior dogs

Enjoy Your Senior Dog

As our dogs get older they will need more help from us. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and show them love as they grow older. Make sure they do not have any new behavior that could be a concern. But most of all enjoy your dog.

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Dog Years Human Years Chart -Their Real Age

I have always found it interesting how the vets have a chart on how our dogs age compares to ours. So I have done some research and put together dog years human years chart. The size of the dog can make a difference on how their age compares to ours.

Just A Comparison

This is just one comparison of age between dogs and humans. During my research, I found there are different theories on different websites. Some of the years are a little different from this chart.

We can rule out one theory; multiplying your dog’s age by seven does not seem to be accurate any longer. The more research that scientist do the more accurate the information is that is given to us.

As Our Dog Gets Older

As our dog gets older there is a good chance they will start to have health issues. They are considered senior dogs after age seven. I have another post about health concerns for chihuahuas that you can read. If you have another breed I would suggest that you do some research to see what health problems may occur in your dog.

Enjoy Your Dog

No matter what age your dog is; enjoy just having a pet. Dogs love unconditional; and can make life moer enjoyable.

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Healthy Natural Dog Treats -Treats That Are Good For Your Dog

healthy-natural-dog-treatsThere is a lot of different dog treats to choose from these days. You need to be careful what kind of treat you buy for your dog. There are treats that have artificial flavoring, dyes and harmful preservatives. You want to feed your dog healthy natural dog treats. You can also get recipes to make them yourself.

What To Stay Away From

  • Sugar: It may appear under different names, such as sucrose, caramel, or Healthy-natural-dog-treatscorn syrup. Giving your dog sugar regularly can cause health problems such as: hypoglycemia,,cataracts, arthritis, obesity, nervousness, tooth decay, and allergies.
  • Salt: Other names for salt are: sodium chloride, iodized salt, or sea salt. Excess salt can cause health issues, such as increase in water intake, increase heart rate, dry mucous membranes and restlessness.
  • Soy: This ingredient is added because it is a cheap substitute for meat protein. It is a common allergen for dogs.
  • Corn: Corn is another cheap meat replacement. It can cause muscle loss.
  • Grain: Dogs are meat eaters; grain should not be a part of their diet. It can cause digestion problems and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Dairy: This is another ingredient that your dog could be allergic to.
  • Gluten: Gluten is a binder. It just helps hold the food together. It has only a little nutritional value.
  • Dyes: Dyes can cause your dog to have an allergic reaction.

Some Suggestion On Treat You Can Buy

  • Terrabone Dental treats – they are all natural. Made with organic ingredients. High in fiber with no wheat, no corn, no soy, no gluten, no artificial ingredients and no animal by-products.
  • Cloud Star Treats – These come in a variety of flavors. The flavors to choose from are liver, salmon, and cheddar. They do not have any wheat, corn or soy in them. You can buy them one bag at a time or in a bundle. I would be careful with the cheddar; just to make sure your dog is not allergic.
  • Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Flavored Dog Cookies. These are made from free-range chicken. All the ingredients are organic. They do not have any chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics

Homemade Dog Treats

There is a lot of good brands of dog treats. Some of you may want to take it a step further and make your dogs treats yourself. There are recipes online or your can get a recipe book to try different recipes to see which ones you would like to make or which ones your dog may like the best.

There are several books on Amazon to choose from some of these are reasonably priced. If you have a kindle you can download them or you can buy the book. You can also get molds or cookie cutters to shape your treats.

The Homemade Dog Biscuits Cookbook: Learn How to Make Your Own Homemade Dog Treats  is one of the book that you can get for free on Kindle Unlimited. It also comes in paperback if you prefer to buy the book instead of having an electronic version.

Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes is also in paperback or on Kndle Unlimited.

Read The Ingredients

Healthy natural dog treatsMy suggestion is to be sure you read the ingredients before buying anything. Just not dog treats, but dog food or any other item your dog may eat. The same rule applies to dogs as to us. If you cannot read it or if you do not know what it is; then it most likely is not good for your pet.

Our pets need all natural ingredients for a healthy diet. Remember, dogs are meat eaters, they do not need all the extra filler ingredients that are found in a lot of dog foods and dog treats.

Choose The Best

Just like us our dogs deserve to have the best nutrition we can provide. If, the healthy treats are too expensive. I would suggest trying one of the recipe books and see if some of them are more cost effective. Try to stay away from the things I listed that are not good for your pet. There is a lot treats that have all the extra preservatives.

Give your dog a healthy treat to enjoy.

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Designer Dog Fashion – Dogo Pet Store

Dogo Pet is a designer dog fashion store based out of New York. They have been in business for over ten years. The have a huge variety of clothes and accessories to choose from. I will be tell you about the different clothing options, collars, carrier bags and other special items they have on their website.

They have free shipping if your order is over $50. And they usually have a sale going on as well.

The Newest Trends

You can easily find the latest fashion trends for you dog. The online store has a tab to show you all the new items that they are getting in. If, you want the most updated fashion this would be where to find it.

You can find a variety of different types of sweaters, coats, dresses, hats, vests and pajamas. They also have the newest beds that have just came in.

Cute Collars and Harnesses

designer dog fashionThis store has some cute harnesses for your pet. They have harnesses for the cold and warm weather. The ones for the warmer weather look more like clothes, but you can attach a leash to them. You can find polo shirts, some look like dresses, other cute outfits for a girl, or a suit and tie for a boy.

They also have runner coats for the winter time. These seem to be pretty designer dog fashionhandy for the cold weather. The leash attaches to the back of the coat. This type of coat would be less of a hassle when taking your pet out. There is two types to choose from. One is an athletic design with insulation and is waterproof. The other is a furry runner it is insulated with faux fur and a vintage collar.

If, you would want your dog to have a little sparkle to his/her collar they have matching collar and leashes that have rhinestones on it. There is a variety of different colors to choose from. You pup can go out in style wearing some bling.

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Fashion Carrier Bags

designer dog fashionNeed a new carrier? You can find some very pretty carriers; especially if you like the sling style. You also have the bulk tote, messenger bag and different styles of totes to choose from.

And for the warm weather you can get a cooling pad that will fit inside most of the carriers. This will help keep your pup cool on those hot summer days.

If, you are a person that likes nice designer things. This is the place to find the carrier you would want to carry your pet around in.

Big Dog Section

Most clothes are bought for small to medium-sized dogs. If, you or if you designer dog fashionknow someone that has a big dog, Dogo Pets has clothes for them as well. They mainly have coats or sweaters.

Some of these have a cute design such as: a sweater dress, devil sweater, bumblebee or lady bug sweater. They also have a raincoat for a bigger dog as well.

These items are found under the Collections tab.

Everyone Loves A Sale

There is also a section for items on sale. Some of the items are about half price. So if you are on a budget and still want to buy nice things for your pet you can find: sweaters, collars, charms, harnesses and t-shirts. There are some really cute sweater dress and sweaters on sale right now.

Just A Few Things You Can Find

I have mentioned only some of the things you can find at Dogo Pets. I am an affiliate of this company, so you can go directly to this company from this post. You should check out all the cute sweaters they have on sale right now. Along, with their accessories and bedding. They also have a lot of cute shirts, totes and harnesses under their collection tab. I really like the variety of clothing and accessories this store sales.

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Pet Travel Carriers – Traveling Safe With Your Pet.

Pet Travel CarriersThere are several different ways you could travel with your pet. For example: in a car, an airplane, for a jog or riding a bike. Which every way you are choosing to travel with your pet, you want to make sure that you have a safe pet travel carrier that is suitable for your trip.

Booster Seats For Your Car

A lot of people like to take their dog with them when they go places. Sometimes, it is just to the store and back or they may take them on vacation or to visit relative out of state. Most people do not think about what might happen to their pet if they were in an accident.

Pet travel carriersThere are safety boosters seats that you can put in your car for your dog to sit in while you travel. These booster seats have a strap that goes around the back of the headrest to keep the seat in place. The have a short leash to hook to your dog’s collar to help keep them from jump out of the set while you are driving.

These seats are compatible with most vehicles. They are made for easy cleaning and storing. They also come with pocket on it to store treats and toys.

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Carriers For Your Bicycle

If, you are a person that likes to ride your bike and would like to take your dog along for the ride; there are three different styles to choose from. Most of these take some assembly. All carriers are easy to clean and come with some type of safety leash to keep your pet travel carriers

There is a carrier that you can attach to the handlebars. These are made to fit most bikes. They come with a safety leash to keep your dog from jumping out. These are suitable for dogs up to 15 lbs. You will want to check the weight before buying some are for smaller dogs up to 11 lbs. Some of these carriers can also be used to carrier your dog around in once you get to your destination.

Next, you have the carrier that attaches to the rear of your bike. These do not seem to be as popular as the front carriers, but they can be used with a bigger dog. They come with reflective strips and a three point harness for safety. There is some extra assembly required. Your bike needs to have a rack on the back to attach the carrier to. Again you want to make sure you check the size before buying. These can be used with dogs up to 24 lbs.

pet travel carriersThe last type of carrier is a bike trailer or stroller that you pull along behind your bike. These can cost quite a bite more than the other carriers. But you can buy them in bigger sizes. If, you have a larger dog you want to take with you, while riding. These can hold up 110 lbs.

I also found some of these have dual-purpose. They can be used by joggers or attach to your bike. They come with reflective strips and a leash hook up for safety.

Strollers For Joggers

Joggers have the option to get a stroller for their dog. As I mentioned, some of these are for bikes or for jogging. The other choice would be a stroller just for jogging. These come with a front wheel that swivels, making it easy to turn.

During, my research I found that there is two types of wheels. Some of the strollers have the bigger wheels for a more comfortable ride. The other strollers have smaller wheels; they are more lightweight. If, you plan on taking the stroller places with you the stroller with the smaller wheels will be easier to lift.

These strollers come with mesh covers. Some of these come with tethers as a safety feature. Some of the strollers just for jogging can hold up to 75 lbs.

Carriers For A Plane Ride

pet travel carriersThe airlines have requirements when it comes to the size carrier you can bring on the plane. These work good for small dogs. If, you take your pet on an airplane, the bag has to meet the airlines requirements. First, I would check with the airline before purchasing a carrier to find out their requirements.

These carriers can be brought on the plane and will fit under the seat. They are soft with mesh windows. Some have expandable sides. They all have a soft interior so that your dog can have a comfortable place to lay during the ride. Some of these carriers can hold up to 22 lbs.

They also come with a comfortable strap for carrying. These bags can also be used when you are not traveling. They make good carriers for around the house or if you are going short distances.

Where Ever You May Go

However you choose to travel there is a carrier made to fit the situation. I have given you some option to check into; whether you are just going for a jog or going on an airplane ride. Whatever the activity you plan on taking your pet with you keep them safe and happy.

I am an Amazon associate all the pictures came from Amazon.

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