Accessories for Chihuahuas -Enjoy Dressing Them Up

acessories for chihuahuasThose of us that have the privilege of owning a chihuahua know how much personality and how lovable these little dogs can are. I have also learned that people who own these tiny pets love them very much. Personally, I look at mine as my baby.

Accessories for Chihuahuas is one way of showing off their own unique personality. Because of their size it can be fun to dress them up and show them off in different pet attire and accessories. They also seem to enjoy the new things that they wear. They will prance around happily wanting everyone to see how cute they look at their new shirt or collar charm.

Fashion Trendsaccessories fro Chihuahuas


It was amazing to find out that this tiny breed has their own fashion trends. You can find a new line up of accessories for chihuahuas for every season and event. Keep an eye out for the latest styles of dresses, sweaters, robes, and jackets; just to name a few.

If, you like the movie Legally Blonde you can get the outfits Bruiser wore in the movie. I thought that was a pretty interesting find. When preparing for the cold months there will be a new selection of windbreakers, warm jackets, or sweaters to keep the little ones warm on those cold evening walks or snowy days. So, not only can your pup go outside in the latest trends available, they will be warm too.

Don’t Forget the Holidays

There is something for every holiday to make your pet festive. There is an array of costumes to choose from. Do you want to take your chihuahua out for trick or treating with the kids? You can pick them out a costume just so they can go along on the adventurous night. I find some of these Halloween costumes to be so funny; making them look like people or characters from your favorite movie walking around on two legs.

Some owners may want their fur baby in their family Christmas portraits. There is plenty of cute Christmas dresses, sweaters and suits to choose from. You can also find Santa suits and elf costumes. Perhaps Easter is your favorite holiday. Your chihuahua can wear an Easter bunny outfit, a new Easter dress or tuxedo with a top hat. Whatever your favorite holiday may be there is something for your chihuahua to wear to help celebrate.

CollarsAcessories for Chihuahuas

All dogs need some type of collar. Chihuahuas should have the right collar that expresses who they are or how much you love them. There is a variety to choose from. You have your traditional type collar. These can be personalized and found in your favorite color or a color that looks good on then.

Others like the bandanna look over the collar. These can also be personalized and have matching leashes as well. Then you have those who do not really care for collars or bandannas; these people may choose a harness instead. The harnesses come in a big variety of colors as well and have leashes to match. Which every one you they all come in different types of material to express personality or comfort for your pet.

Acessiories for ChihuahuasAccessories

Once you find the perfect outfit or sweater; you may want to consider adding an accessory. You can start with something simple like a pair of socks or booties to match your new attire. Socks can also be found with a holiday theme.

If, you want to take things up a notch and go a little fancier you can find hair clips, hair bows or charms for his/her collar. The charms can just show off personality or have a meaning; such as for breast cancer awareness or your favorite NFL team. And if you really want your little girl to look fancy you can probably find her a necklace you like to make her look pretty.

Some chihuahuas have a big problem with going out in the rain. For the rainy days you can find waterproof boots to keep their little feet dry. Hopefully this will keep them from being so reluctant when it is time to go out. On the opposite side of the spectrum; on the sunny days your pup may prefer to have a pair of eye wear or eye goggles to help block out the sun. And just think how cute it would look to have your pet walking around in boots or eye goggles.

Miscellaneous Attire

I have talked about keep your pet warm, but you can also get a raincoat to keep them dry on those rainy days. Some of these have reflective strips to make your dog easier to see. They are lined with fleece for warmth and have detachable hoods. The hoods fit snugly around the face to help keep water from getting in.

Sometimes chihuahuas get cold in the house too. There are bathrobes available that they can wear to help keep them warm until they are dry after a bath or maybe you just want them to be warm while snuggling on the couch watching TV. The bathrobes are made from very soft material that fasten with Velcro or snaps.

Have you ever been to a doggie wedding? There is also formal wear available, just in case you decide you want to have a chihuahua wedding. For your little girl you can get a gorgeous bridal dress with a headband to match. For your little boy there is an adorable tuxedo with matching satin bow tie.Acessiories for Chihuahuas


A Lot to Choose From

This post covers only a portion of the different ways you can dress up your pet. Some of these things would be just for fun. Of course your chihuahua really does not need the latest style outfit, or accessory on their collar. This is more about having a little fun in life and in the meantime enjoying your pet. Although, I do believe that every dog needs some type of collar. It would be a lot nicer to be able to pick out the one that fits your dogs personality. Have fun finding new ways to dress up your chihuahua.

5 thoughts on “Accessories for Chihuahuas -Enjoy Dressing Them Up”

  1. Hi Paula
    So happy to found your website!
    I love Chihuahuas, at the moment I don’t have any at home, but every year I spend two months at my sister’s place and she has 3 Chihuahuas!! so I’m lucky to live for two months with three little cute Chihuahuas.
    My sister is always looking for some cute clothing for her little ones! I’m sure she will love to read your website!

  2. I’m obsessed with chihuahuas. They are so tiny and stinking adorable. I’ve always been on the fence about dressing dogs up in cute little clothes. But, then I see a pup all dressed up and I can’t help but smile. My favorite is the tiny pup Halloween costumes! I find a lot of celebs dress their pups up for Halloween and coordinate their costumes! The costumes can be so cute and creative! Do you dress your chihuahua up for Halloween?

    1. No, I don’t dress them up for Halloween. But I have bought cute shirts and sweaters. I bought leg warmers one time for my little girl when she was a puppy. I love chihuahuas and will probably always have one.

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