Best Chihuahua Toys – Just the Right Size

Best Chihuahua ToyAll pets need their own toys to play with. Toys come in many different shapes and sizes. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the world. So, they need the best chihuahua toys available. Mini size toys for mini size dogs. These dogs need toys that are suitable for their small size.


Just like any other puppy, chihuahua puppies love to chew. With their small stature it is important to have a small enough toy that they will fit in their mouth. Tug ropes can be considered one of the best chihuahua toys for puppies. You can usually find these small enough for your puppy. And you can play a game of tug of war. They come in a natural cotton fiber that are good for teething. They are also made to help clean their teeth; which is very important in small dogs. These toys are also washable.

Non-toxic nylon bones would be good for your little chewer. These come in three sizes; so, the small one should work. These can entertain your pup for quite a while. If, you have a puppy that gets bored easy this may be a good choice. The bones are also good for cleaning the teeth. They are also pretty durable.

Adult dogs

Some dogs just want something they can chew on or toss around the house. I found small dog fruits and vegetable plush dog toys; these are squeaky toys. Just a warning in case you prefer not to have squeaky toys. They are made from a soft non-toxic cotton. In my opinion these would be good for your younger and older dogs.

One of my chihuahuas loves to play fetch. There are several types of balls that are a good size. You can find mini tennis ball, rubber balls, football, or balls with a squeaker in it. This will help get rid of some of that built up energy and gives you quality time with your pet. I always enjoy our games of fetch.


Toys with treats inside

All dogs like and deserve a treat occasionally. There is a fun way for them to this. You can get toys that are made to put the treat inside. There are some that are ideal for smaller dogs. You can get a food dispensing ball. You fill with your dog’s favorite treat and as the dog rolls it around the treats fall out. These balls can be adjusted to how fast you want the treat to come out.

Rubber chew and treat toys has a lot good uses. It would be a good choice for a puppy or older dog. It has an opening to put treats in. This toy was made to have an unpredictable bounce. So, your dog can have a fun game of fetch. It also can be a chew toy.

The Find BestBest Chihuahua Toys

I have tried to give you some ideas of toys that would be good for your chihuahua. There are so many different products to choose from these days. People see their pets as family. Companies realize this and want to provide things that will make us happy and our pets with their products. Enjoy your pet and his/her new toy.





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