Calming a Nervous Dog – Chihuahuas get Nervous

Calming a Nervous DogHaving a nervous chihuahua is something I have experienced firsthand. I have several chihuahuas of my own. It seems the older they get the more nervous they become. And just like people different things seem to bother some more than others. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you with calming a nervous dog.

Too Much Noise

She is used to things being somewhat noisy, but when the nose level gets louder or if there is different kind of noises in the house that’s when it seems to be a problem. And I have notice since she has gotten older it cause here to have stomach issues.

In this situation; I usually just remove her from the room. I take her to the back bedroom; which is where she sleeps and seems to be the most comfortable. This would be considered her safe place.

Calming a nervous dogAnother suggestion, would be if your pet is kennel trained, this would be a situation you may want to put him/her in the kennel. To some dogs their kennel is their safe place. Some will voluntarily go to their kennel on their own in this type situation.

Thunderstorms and Loud Noises

Thunderstorms and other loud noises seem to be a problem; not only with chihuahuas but other dogs as well. I have also found out that fireworks and gunshots can also cause them to get scared.

Your dog may start shaking, panting, trying to hide or start running through the house. It can be very disturbing not only for your pet, but for you as well. No one wants their pet to be frightened or to hurt themsleves or someone. There are several things that might help calming a nervous dog during this time:Calming a Nervous dog

  • Finding an interior room with no windows or a room that he/she feels most comfortable in; a safe place.
  • Some type of anxiety wrap or vest. Some people use a scarf for this; anything that will fit snug around the dog’s torso.
  • Try to distract the dog; maybe with a favorite toy or treat.
  • Some dogs get so nervous they have to be put on medication to help with the problem. I personally would use medicatuin as a last resort.


Chihuahuas can be timid little things. Having new people in there home can make them nervous; especially children. Allow your dog time to get used to the new people. Do not force the dog to interact with your company. Let the dog come to them when they feel comfortable.

I would also warn your company that the dog gets nervous around new people, so they do not startle the dog by coming up to him/her to quickly. If your pet does not seem to be warming up to the strangers being in the house; this may also be one of those times you should decide it would be best for your dog to be in another room.

New Objects

Calming a nervous dogSometimes just bring a new object, figurine, or toy for your child in the house can cause your pet to get nervous. They are unsure if the new object is a threat  to them or not.

Try to be sensitive of your pet’s feelings. Introduce him/her to the new object or toy slowly. Give your pet a chance to smell and check out the new item.

Try to reassure him/her that the new object is not a threat and will not hurt him/her. You may have to expose your pet to the item several times before he/she seems to get over the fear.

Calming the Fears

This is just a few tips to help you help your pet deal with being nervous. Sometimes our pets need to be reassured everything will be alright; just like we do. Chihuahuas being nervous is one of the characteristic of the breed, so it is normal for them to be timid at times. Hopefully, the next time there is a thunderstorm or a new person in your home these tips will help reassure your dog everything will be just fine.





12 thoughts on “Calming a Nervous Dog – Chihuahuas get Nervous”

  1. I have a small Pomeranian and many times she acts like a Chihuahua! What I’ve learned is that she is very protective of her people. She thinks she’s human! Your advice about putting them in a place where they feel safe is really good. Our four-legged friends need security as much as we do!

  2. I only know one thing about Chihuahuas and that for their size they are pretty tough in most cases. I always feared one nibbling at my Achilles or something. But do you think that a lot of that nervousness might be some physical condition or a hereditary condition?

    1. In my experience it can be a little of both. I have seen some chihuahuas that seem timid all the times and others that only get nervous when something unfamiliar is present.

  3. Thanks for the useful and helpful information! I had a Mini Schnauzer (now passed, may she rest in peace), and she showed some signs of what you described here. So, I am sure your article will help small dog breeds, too right?

    It’s good to know all the tips you gave. When I eventually get a new doggy friend, I will watch out for the signs of nervousness, and will know how to calm him or her.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks for this. Your dogs are beautiful and you obviously love them to pieces. Your insight will help anyone with nervous dogs (or cats for that matter). All the best with your pets.

  5. I recognised that one of my dogs was having some of these symptoms too form your post. I will try to change the noise level around the house as I now realise that it might be the cause of some stress for her.

    Thank you for the help!

  6. Thanks for sharing this great article on Chihuahuas. In my family we have had all sorts of dogs, different races, sizes and coats, but never (yet) a Chihuahua. So I was interested in your review as we never know, the day might come.

    I will show your website to my wife who will certainly be very interested too, and who knows?

    I wish you an awesome ‘Chihuahua caring’ day!

    John ツ

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