Anxiety Dog Wrap – Product Review

Product: Anxiety Wrap
Company: The Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Chihuahua’s Experience with Anxiety

Calming a Nervous dog
My bigger chihuahua

I bought this anxiety dog wrap for one of my chihuahuas; that has become terrified of thunderstorms and other loud noises. When he was younger he would just sit and shake. But it seems the older he gets the worse the anxiety gets. He had gotten to the point he would run through the house panting and shaking. Seeing, that he is a senior dog now, I was starting to get worried that all the anxiety could cause him health problems. I was afraid he would have a heart attack.

So, I started researching ways to help him with this problem. When he was younger I spoke to the vet and he gave him valuum. This was a bad idea. I did not like drugging my dog up every time a storm came through. At times the storm would have already passed by before the drug took effect. Then I just had a sleepy dog for no reason. In my opinion use medication should be a last resort. Anxiety is a common thing in dogs, especially chihuahuas. They tend to have a nervous nature about them already.

I decided to see what other methods were available to help with the anxiey. Since, he is the first pet that I had that had this problem; I was not very educated on the problem but I knew he needed some relief. After reading about anxiety wraps and thunder vest I decided to purchase the anxiety wrap from Amazon. I knew I needed to at least try something to help my poor baby.

Did it Work

I can not say it completely took away his anxiety. But it did cut it way down. He is not running through the house anymore. He still shakes and pants some, but he is a lot calmer than he was before I bought the wrap. I think one of the reason it did not completely work is that I went by the size chart and the wrap is a little big. I use the Velcro to adjust it so it fits tighter. I think I am going to buy a smaller size in the same brand; which should make a big difference. I am hoping it will resolve the problem completely.

The sizing chart can run big,  this is why I gave it four stars. The wrap should fit tightly if you have the correct size. It fits one of my chihuahuas that’s a little bigger better. So, when buying this product keep in mind that you may want to buy it a size smaller than the chart recommends. Hopefully, the company will realize this is a problem and adjust the measurements of their chart or make some changes to their product.

Anxiety dog wrapWhat Other People Thought

As I went through and read some of the other reviews. I found that some people had the same problem I had with the size chart. This was the biggest complaint. The people that bought the wrap for  smaller dogs gave it a better review. This product seems to work better for the poeeple who bought the wrap in the smaller sizes. One person talked about how much they loved the product and how much better the dog did during storms. Another person said their dog no longer needed anxiety medication.

This product did not seem to work out as well for the bigger dogs. Some of the people that had bigger dogs with a long, thick coast did not like the product. They said it was too stretchy and would not fit tight enough around the thick fur. Some people complained that it tore easily or didn’t like the quailty of the material

Anxiety Dog WrapPros and Cons

Pros: this product does work for smaller dogs. It can help your pet with anxiety. I like the fact that is stretchy so that you can get a good fit. It is breathable and allows your dog to be able to move around freely, even if they are running. It can take the place of medication. The product is cost effective. And it is easy to clean. I have had mine for about four months and it seems to be holding up well.

Cons: the sizing chart is not accurate. It does not work as good on the bigger dogs or fluffy dogs. Some people found it difficult to put on. Others complained about the quality of the material. It only comes in one color; black. Some people prefer to be able to pick what color they want.

In conclusion

I think the anxiety wrap helps. Other do not feel the same way as I do. The biggest problem with the wrap is it seems to be made big or the sizing chart is off a bit. I personally would buy this product again and I will buy it again in the near future. This product is affordable and it works for a lot of people. On the Amazon review it got 3 out of 5 stars. I gave it a little higher score because it does work for me and my dog. I am pleased with the product and glad I bought it. If you would like to find out more about this product or purchase it; you can find it on Amazon.

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