Chihuahua As A Family Pet – They Are Great

Chihuahua as a family petI know chihuahuas have a bad reputation for barking a lot, biting, and being aggressive. I personally believe that a chihuahua as a family pet is a great idea. I have had at least one chihuahua in my home for the past eleven years. I absolutely love this breed. They are great companions.

Great Lapdogs

Chihuahuas are the happiest when they are sitting with their owner. They are considered being lapdog group. They love to just sit on you or near you anytime they get an opportunity. This is when they are most content.

Chihuahua as a family petIf you are the type of person that enjoys having a furry companion nearby, then a chihuahua could be a great match for you. Grab a nice warm blanket, turn on the TV, and snuggle up with a chihuahua. That dog will lay with you most likely the whole time you are on the couch.

Plays Well With Others

This breed can adapt to having other dogs or pets in the house. I recommend you get your chihuahua as a puppy if you have other animals. As a puppy; he/she will adjust to the other animals as he/she adjusts to having a new family. My first chihuahua came into the family with other dogs. He adjusted and liked to play with the younger dog.chihuahua as a family pet

Some older chihuahuas can adjust to you bringing in other pets into the house. My experience with this is; some chihuahuas will try to bully a new dog or puppy until they get used to them being in the house. These dogs are small but they do not know it. Just be aware that your chihuahua may be aggressive at first. You would not want one of your pets to get hurt while trying to adjust to the new family member. But the chihuahua will eventually get used to have someone new in the family.

Being Around Children

A lot of people do not advise having a chihuahua around small children. The main reason is the dog is small and can get hurt and a young child will not understand that they are big enough to hurt the dog. These dogs are cute and small enough for a small child to try to pick up and carry around. I think it is up to the pet owner to make sure that the dog and the child are both safe. Children can be taught how to sit and pet a small dog. This way they can enjoy each other in a way that no one gets hurt.

I have had plenty of small children around my chihuahuas. I have not had anyone to get hurt yet. If there is a problem with the dog being picked up or the dog gets nervous around children or other people; I would suggest putting the dog in a room that he/she feels safe in or a kennel (if kennel trained).

A Little Dog; A Lot of Personalitychihuahua as a family pet

Chihuahuas have a big personality. They are considered highly intelligent. They can be trained with positive reinforcement. Chihuahuas prance when they walk and show how proud they are. These dogs love to put on a show for their owners sitting up, begging, or dancing around. They can get quite hyper at times.

Sometime, with a big personality it can cause some trouble. Chihuahuas think they can pick on the biggest dog in town. They really do not seem to realize how much smaller they are than the other dogs.

Unless, properly trained they will bark a lot. This happens more with the younger dogs. I have noticed that now that my dogs are getting older they do not bark as much as they did when they were younger. Just like any other breed as they mature they are not as rambunctious and they are not as noisy. But if you have more than one, they will always feed off of one another. If one barks they all bark and they might not even know what they are barking at.chihuahua as a family pet

Wrapping It Up

As I said at the beginning I love this breed. If you are the kind of person that enjoys a lapdog, a chihuahua could be the right breed for you as well. They do not always know that they are the smaller dog in the group, so sometimes you have to protect them.

They make the best snuggle buddies you can find. They can fit into a family setting, although they usually prefer one person over the others. Chihuahuas also can get along with other pets. It is up to you to decide if a chihuahua is right for your family.

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