Chihuahua Dog History – Where They Came From

Chihuahua dog historyThere are several theories on where chihuahuas came from. Most people think they came from Mexico from the techichi, some think they are descendants from Europe from the Maltese pocket dog. Chihuahuas favor both dogs to some degree. There has even been DNA test done on the breed to try to find out where they originated from.

What did the DNA Show

Chihuahua dog historyIn 2013, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden tested chihuahuas along several other breeds to find out where they are from. They proved that the chihuahua does share a DNA type unique to the Mexican pre-Columbian samples of the techichi.

This is a small desert dog that dates back to the Mayan period. Techichi were larger than today’s chihuahua. The two look similar but the techichi weight range was between 10 and 20 pounds.

In the US

These dogs were brought into the US when people went through Chihuahua, Chihuahua dog historyMexico. They would buy these small dogs and bring them back with them. Which led to some of the other names that chihuahuas have been known as; Arizona dog, Texas dog, Mexico dog or Chihuahua dog. Finally, they end up calling the breed Chihuahua after the state in Mexico.

The first chihuahua was registered in the US in 1904 into the AKC. The number of chihuahuas registered has to continue to grow. After a Taco Bell commercial in 1997, the breeds popularity soared putting them in the ten most popular breeds for several years. They are not as popular today as they were in the nineties but they are still a very popular breed.

Long Haired and Smooth

Chihuahua dog hisstoryAs far as genetic make up they are the same. I could not find any theories why some have long hair and some have short hair. I do find it interesting that you can have both short and long hair puppies come from the same litter. There has also been cases that when two parents with the same type hair have puppies with a different hair type.

The short hair or smooth hair is has a rougher texture than the long haired. The long haired sheds less and does not require any more grooming than the smooth hair. You would think the long hair would need more brushing, but it does not. In fact the long hair are softer to the touch than the smooth hair.

Breed Characteristics

Although, some get a lot bigger. These dogs are supposed to be between six to nine inches tall and weigh between three and six pounds. They have a life span between 10 to 18 years, but some live a little longer. They are prone to shivering when cold, excited, or scared.

The shivering is one of the reasons people have a tendency to want to put clothes on them. And in some climates it could be necessary. Mexico has a warmer climate, so chihuahuas adapt better still to the warmer areas.

They are small in size but make up for it with their big personalities. They are affectionate and like to be with their owners as much as possible. This makes them great lapdogs and a good companion. They can be a bit feisty. They do not realize how small they are and need to be trained at a young age not to try to fight with other dogs.Chihuahua dog history

Chihuahuas are also considered an intelligent breed and can be easy to train with positive reinforcement. They also get excited easily. These dogs love to please.

Chihuahuas are not usually recommend for homes with young children; due to their size. Personally, I think this should be left up to the individual. You know when you get a chihuahua that it is going to be small; and if you can teach your child and the dog how to play in a way the dog does not get hurt then everyone is happy.

My chihuahuas have been around small children most of their life. I have always stayed aware of where the children are and make sure they know how to pet my dogs. So far I have not had a problem with one of my chihuahuas getting hurt by a small child. I know it happens, but I think it is up to the adults to make sure it does not happen.

My Opinion

In my opinion chihuahuas came from Mexico. They were brought to the US when Americans came through Chihuahua, Mexico. These dogs can be very affectionate and loving. Most people that have them, fall in love with the breed and prefer them over other breeds. At least I prefer them over other breeds. I enjoy having a lapdog and a loyal companion.

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  1. I found that very interesting. I never knew where they came from. Personally I’d prefer to have a larger dog but I find these little dogs very cute! More like a little baby and they seem a lot less aggressive than bigger ones!

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