Cute Chihuahua Halloween Costumes – Fall Fun

Cute Chihuahua Halloween CostumesHalloween is right around the corner. It is time to start looking for those cute chihuahua Halloween costumes. You can find costumes for your pet at most of the stores you that you do your weekly shopping at or you can look online and find an abundance of ideas for you pet. There is a lot of cute costumes out there to find. I will share some of the different types of costumes and ideas you can find.


Cute Chihuahua Halloween CostumesIf you are looking for something simple a sweater with or without a hood would be good choice. These can make cute chihuahua Halloween costumes without going all out. This would be what I would choose. I prefer the sweater. It can also be worn more than just for Halloween. It’s is simple and cute and will keep your pet warm. You can find them with something printed just on the back; such as a jack-o-lantern or a skeleton. Others with hoods have different characters, critters, or animals to choose from.


Some people love Halloween and want to go all out for the night. There is plenty of costumes you can choose from. They are made out of material similar to the ones you buy your children. You can dress your little girl up as your favorite princess, super hero, witch or a fairy. Your little boy can also be dressed up as a superhero, star wars character, cowboy or he can be your knight in shiny armor. You can also find the one that strap to the front of your dog that has arms and legs. Some of the characters that you can choose is minions, super heroes, rock stars, or animals. The choices are endless when it comes to costumes

Wigs and HatsCute Chihuahua Halloween Costumes

I have also seen a  wigs. Some of these would be fine by themselves or go with your dog’s costume.  The one that seem to be the most popular is the lion wig. You can also find ponytails, cheer leading curls, Afros, and old lady buns. There is also hats available for your pet’s costume. You can go with a cowboy, pilot, viking with braids, or pirate.

Have Fun

I have tried to give you a few ideas on what you can find. Whether you are looking for a sweater, costume or an accessorize.There is enough choices that you and your dog can dress up using a theme.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. And enjoy picking out and dressing up your chihuahua in a cute costume.


4 thoughts on “Cute Chihuahua Halloween Costumes – Fall Fun”

  1. Costumes for little dogs have gotten so clever over the years! Especially the ones that are viewed from the front that incorporate the head and front legs…hilarious! I am always amazed when I see a dog that tolerates, or even likes, to wear clothing of any kind.

    Too cute!!!

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