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Dogo Pet is a designer dog fashion store based out of New York. They have been in business for over ten years. The have a huge variety of clothes and accessories to choose from. I will be tell you about the different clothing options, collars, carrier bags and other special items they have on their website.

They have free shipping if your order is over $50. And they usually have a sale going on as well.

The Newest Trends

You can easily find the latest fashion trends for you dog. The online store has a tab to show you all the new items that they are getting in. If, you want the most updated fashion this would be where to find it.

You can find a variety of different types of sweaters, coats, dresses, hats, vests and pajamas. They also have the newest beds that have just came in.

Cute Collars and Harnesses

designer dog fashionThis store has some cute harnesses for your pet. They have harnesses for the cold and warm weather. The ones for the warmer weather look more like clothes, but you can attach a leash to them. You can find polo shirts, some look like dresses, other cute outfits for a girl, or a suit and tie for a boy.

They also have runner coats for the winter time. These seem to be pretty designer dog fashionhandy for the cold weather. The leash attaches to the back of the coat. This type of coat would be less of a hassle when taking your pet out. There is two types to choose from. One is an athletic design with insulation and is waterproof. The other is a furry runner it is insulated with faux fur and a vintage collar.

If, you would want your dog to have a little sparkle to his/her collar they have matching collar and leashes that have rhinestones on it. There is a variety of different colors to choose from. You pup can go out in style wearing some bling.

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Fashion Carrier Bags

designer dog fashionNeed a new carrier? You can find some very pretty carriers; especially if you like the sling style. You also have the bulk tote, messenger bag and different styles of totes to choose from.

And for the warm weather you can get a cooling pad that will fit inside most of the carriers. This will help keep your pup cool on those hot summer days.

If, you are a person that likes nice designer things. This is the place to find the carrier you would want to carry your pet around in.

Big Dog Section

Most clothes are bought for small to medium-sized dogs. If, you or if you designer dog fashionknow someone that has a big dog, Dogo Pets has clothes for them as well. They mainly have coats or sweaters.

Some of these have a cute design such as: a sweater dress, devil sweater, bumblebee or lady bug sweater. They also have a raincoat for a bigger dog as well.

These items are found under the Collections tab.

Everyone Loves A Sale

There is also a section for items on sale. Some of the items are about half price. So if you are on a budget and still want to buy nice things for your pet you can find: sweaters, collars, charms, harnesses and t-shirts. There are some really cute sweater dress and sweaters on sale right now.

Just A Few Things You Can Find

I have mentioned only some of the things you can find at Dogo Pets. I am an affiliate of this company, so you can go directly to this company from this post. You should check out all the cute sweaters they have on sale right now. Along, with their accessories and bedding. They also have a lot of cute shirts, totes and harnesses under their collection tab. I really like the variety of clothing and accessories this store sales.

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8 thoughts on “Designer Dog Fashion – Dogo Pet Store”

  1. Thanks for leading us to Dogo Pet store. Great find! Their dog clothes really look high quality. I will be checking their sale section for our black lab.

  2. Hi Paula,
    I am a dog lover all types, (except Pitbulls). I’m constantly thinking of ways to care for my dogs and which equipment to use for walks without putting unnecessary strain on them. I may have missed it, but do you suggest a harness over collars?

  3. My parents are getting a little yorkie in February. I have sent my Mom a link to this page so she can find some of those awesome products for their new fur baby, “Noelle”.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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