Dog Safety During Thanksgiving – Just a Reminder

Dog safetyduring thanksgivingNovember is here. Everyone is starting to think about the holiday season that will soon be here. I just wanted to remind everyone about dog safety during thanksgiving. It is easy to forget that our dogs do not always need to eat some of the things we eat. Some of the foods we enjoy can be harmful to our pets.

Harmful Foods

It is always a treat for your dog to get a bite of people food. But some of these foods can cause your dog problems or even death. One of the main foods to keep Dog Safety During Thanksgivingaway from your precious fur baby would be chocolate. Just a small amount of chocolate can cause your dog to have an upset stomach with vomiting and diarrhea.

In larger amounts chocolate can cause seizures, internal bleeding and heart attack. Depending on the size and the breed of the dog will determine how bad of a reacation he/she would have. Please keep your pet away from chocolate.

Turkey skins and turkey bones are another thing that can cause your dog serious problems. Turkey skins are fatty; and is hard for your dog to digest. It can cause upset stomach or pancreatitis.

Cooked turkey bones can splinter and puncture the digestive tract, causing rectal bleeding, or a serious bacterial infection. The bacteria infection is hard to treat and can be fatal. Our dogs seem to love bones, but in realty most bones are not good for them; especially cooked bones. You can buy them a bone from the pet section that would be safe for them to have if you want them to have something to chew on

Some other foods that can be harmful to your dog: onions, raisins, grapes, artificial sweeteners and yeast. Just be aware of what your pet is eating, so you do not have to make an emergency trip to the vet during your time of celebration.

Foods You Can Give Your Dog

Dog Safety during ThanksgivingSome of the foods we eat can be a treat and good for our dog. A lot of people have green beans for Thanksgiving. Green beans are a healthy choose to give your dog as long as there is not a lot of butter in them. You could always cook a small proportion separate for your dog if you want him/her to have something while you eat.

Carrots is another alternative that would be good for your dog. Raw carrots are also good for your dog’s teeth. And they are low in calories, so you do not have to worry about giving a treat that will cause your pet to become overweight.

Sweet potatoes is also good for your dog; if they are cooked right. You would want to bake or steam them.

I hope to have giving you a few ideas of what foods your dog can enjoy during your Thanksgiving.

Extra People in the HouseDog safety during thanksgiving

Having extra people in the house can make some dogs nervous. Especially the smaller breed dog like chihuahuas. It may be best if you have a nervous dog to let him/her stay in a room away from the crowd or in a kennel; if kennel he/she is kennel trained.

If you have a lot of guest that will be going in and out try to make sure your pet does not escape. I know at times my dogs will try to run out the front door when it is open just to get a glimpse of freedom. It is easy for others that do not have indoor pets to accidentally let them out without realizing it.

Be Aware of Decorations

Some plants that we use decorate during the holiday seasons can be toxic to are dogs as well. Some of these plants are: Amaryllis,English ivy, and Jerusalem cherry. All three of these plants can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, drooling or mouth irritation.

Depending on the size of the pet and how much they ingest. These plants can sometimes cause serious side effects such as: coma, kidney failure and convulsions. If you think your pet has eaten one of these plants you should contact your vet or call the poison control center of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at 888-426-4435. (This 24-hour hot line may charge a fee for use.)

It would also be a good idea to keep artificial plants and other holiday decoration out of the reach of your pet. The man made materials can also cause our dogs to have stomach issues.

Have a Safe Holiday

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season. Just remember to keep your pets safe, during this time from foods and plants that could cause them to get sick or have more serious problems.

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