Dog Years Human Years Chart -Their Real Age

I have always found it interesting how the vets have a chart on how our dogs age compares to ours. So I have done some research and put together dog years human years chart. The size of the dog can make a difference on how their age compares to ours.

Just A Comparison

This is just one comparison of age between dogs and humans. During my research, I found there are different theories on different websites. Some of the years are a little different from this chart.

We can rule out one theory; multiplying your dog’s age by seven does not seem to be accurate any longer. The more research that scientist do the more accurate the information is that is given to us.

As Our Dog Gets Older

As our dog gets older there is a good chance they will start to have health issues. They are considered senior dogs after age seven. I have another post about health concerns for chihuahuas that you can read. If you have another breed I would suggest that you do some research to see what health problems may occur in your dog.

Enjoy Your Dog

No matter what age your dog is; enjoy just having a pet. Dogs love unconditional; and can make life moer enjoyable.

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