Dress Your Dog – Do Chihuahuas Need Clothes?

Dress you dogIt seems to be a trend to put clothes on your dogs these days, especially chihuahuas. I admit they do look cute in doggie clothes. Do you really need to dress your dog or is it just a trend? I think the answer is yes to both. What do you think?

Clothes Can Be Needed OutsideDress your dog

Chihuahuas originated from Mexico, so they were made to live in warm climates. In the fall and winter it can get pretty cold in some regions. And the lower down to the ground you are the colder it is. Remember, cold air falls and heat rises.

These little guys are just a few inches off the ground, so they will get cold. And they do not have a real thick coat; not even the long haired chihuahuas have an enough fur for the lower temperatures. Some type of coat or sweater is needed for those cold days when you take your fur baby out. You may want to consider something waterproof if it rains a lot in your area. If, you live in a climate where it gets really cold you may want to also get a pair of shoes.

In cases like these clothes are a necessity. Even at 40°F, you should be precautious, because your chihuahua to get colder than he/she should be. At 20° F, it can be life threatening for your pet. Please take precaution when taking these dogs out in the winter time.

Inside the House

I think it can also be necessary for your chihuahua to have something to wear Dress your dogaround the house. Some of us keep our house cool. It maybe too cool for your chihuahua. If, you see your pet shivering this is a good indication that he/she is cold. I do not know about you but I do not like to be cold and I assume my chihuahuas do not like it either.

Another option, would be to have a blanket for them to snuggle up in. Chihuahuas love a good warm blanket to burrow down in and sleep. But if you have a younger more active chihuahua that will be up running around playing, I would consider some light clothing to help keep the chill away. They may be active but I would still make sure that they are staying warm as they play.

Just For Fun

Some chihuahuas get use to wearing clothes and some never get used to it. If, you have one that does not seem to mind wearing clothes, then I do not see anything dress your dogwrong with dressing them up for the fun of it. And it can be fun to pick out cute things to put on these small dogs. If the dog does not seem to mind it or likes a new outfit, then no harm is done and enjoy your chihuahua.

I know putting clothes on a dog can be controversal. Especially the small breeds. Some people think that those who do this, see the dog as a toy or a baby doll to dress up. For those of us that have chihuahuas know this is not true and that we love our little fur babies. I look at mine as family.

Are Accessories Needed

As I mentioned earlier some accessories could be need. Dog shoes or boots can come in hand if you live where it gets extremely cold. Dogs feet get cold too. I have watch this happen with my own dogs. Every once in a while we will have a bitter cold morning and you can tell that there little feet are getting cold before they make it back into the house. I have not bought shoes for my pets because we only have an occasional extreme low in my area. But if it got extremely cold more often I guess it would take some time to put boots on the three chihuahuas I have.

Some accessories can be just to make your dog look cute. There are plenty of collar charms, socks, and hats to find if you are just wanting to add to the latest outfit that your dog is wearing. Chihuahuas have their own fashion trends nowadays.

Clothes Can Be A Necessity

I do believe in some cases; like the winter months that small dogs cold use a coat or sweater to help keep their little bodies warm. Dressing up you dog is not always necessary, but that is up to the individual to decide what they want their pet to wear. If you are one of those people that like putting outfits on your pet; in my opinion that your business. I do recommend you consider what the temperature is outside when deciding to dress your dog.

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8 thoughts on “Dress Your Dog – Do Chihuahuas Need Clothes?”

  1. I do not own a dog but I always see people who dressed their dogs and I wondered why. I thought it was just to waste their money but after reading your article I can see the need to dress small dogs. I definitely learned something new reading this article.

  2. Chihuahuas are pretty much house dogs so I wouldn’t think they like to much cold!. I have seen one shaking like a leaf before. I like the little dogs but they can be aggressive. Nevertheless I think its best to keep them dressed in cold weather.

  3. Very cute! I have a small Havanese that has short hair (rare for a Havanese) and he shakes in cold weather. We have two sweaters for him, but could use more to keep him warm in the winter. It would be great to see more purchase options for the little ones, especially sweaters. Do you have any you could recommend?

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