Fashion Pet Carrier – What is the Best Carrier for your Chihuahua

Pet Fashion CarriersPet carriers can be a big convenience. They are becoming more and more popular these days. They are good for those long adventures that would cause a small dog to get tired or for those shorter trips that you just prefer to take your pet along with you. You will be able to take your pet along in a fashion pet carrier, for your chihuahua, of your choice and style. I will be discussing some of the different types of carriers in this article. And some of the different styles and sizes to fit your needs and your pet’s needs.


The slings is the first style I want to discuss. Slings can be a big convenience. This allows you to be hands free while carrying your pet. The sling loops over your shoulder and across your hip. This is great fashion pet carrier for your chihuahua. These slings are made for dogs up to 12 pounds. Your pet can rest comfortably and be safe at the same time. You have the option of having a security collar hook for safety. These devices are washable. Some these are can be found in denim, water resistant, cotton, reversible or adjustable to fit your chihuahua better. They come in a big variety of colors. They are also easy to fold up and store. The price can vary a bit. So, you should be able to find one you can afford. I have discovered this is your least expensive option when it comes to carriers.


Purses are simply a big handbag to carry your pet around in. There is a lot of Fashion pet carrierdifferent style and brands; some even come in a designer brand. They come with a zipper or Velcro to secure your pet inside. You can get them with a shoulder strap or handles or both, depending on which style is more comfortable for you to use. You can choose a designer looking purse or go with camouflage. Some of the different purses are made of mesh, leather or are quilted. There are plenty of different styles and color for you to choose from. These come with a detachable pad on the inside to make it easy to clean. The can be used with a pet that is a little bigger, up to 15 pounds.


Carrier Bags

Carrier bags are also called legs out carrier bags. The one way they are similar to the sling is also hands free. These are made to go over your shoulders and can be worn on your back or your chest. They have wide, padded shoulder straps for your comfort. Some, have a belt to go around your waist to help secure the carrier better and is also supposed to help distribute the weight better. They are similar to a backpack, but with holes for you to put your pet’s legs in and their head sticks out the top. This is the same concept you would use with your child. This would be a better choice for a dog that may move around a lot or if you are afraid he/she may try to jump out. These come in different sizes to help fit the size of your chihuahua better. There is a big variety of color and styles to choose from. Depending on what style you get, some have mesh sides to help keep your pet cool. You can use this carrier with a dog that weighs up to about 20 pounds.

Fashion Pet CarriersDog Baskets

Dog baskets are for people who want to take their pet along for a ride on their bicycle. They come in two styles that would be recommended for your chihuahua. There is one to put on the front of your bike and one to put on the rear of your bike. These also come in a bicycle trailer on wheels, but these are made for bigger dogs. A chihuahua would have too much room to move around. In my opinion this would not be the best choice for a chihuahua.

The basket that goes on the front of the bike has straps to connect to your handle bars or it comes with handle bar mount you can install to connect the basket to. It has an internal harness to make sure your pet cannot jump out. It also can come with a rain cover and treat pocket for your pet or a water bottle holder for you. There are several of these to choose from the features may be different depending on the company or style you choose. These are for a dog up to 15 pounds.

The basket that goes on the rear of your bicycle has extra safety features added. These have reflective strips for visibility. They also have a three-point safety strap to buckle your pet in, so that they will be more securely fastened in. Some of these have a pet cover that will zip over the top of the basket. These do not come with a bike rack. You must buy and install those separately. The basket has latches to hook to the rack. These can also be for a bigger dog. They weight range for these goes up to about 24 pounds, but they do have them for pets as small as 12 lbs.


I have covered several different options that you can choose from when it to comes to carriers for your chihuahua. When it comes to the slings, carrier bags, and purses. There is a big variety of style, colors, and material to choose from. You could find your favorite color or you may be able to find one that will match your dog’s collar. The possibilities are endless. The dog basket has more limited selection, but that is because they are not as in as high of a demand as the other carriers. There is still a good selection to choose from. Which means there is still the possibility to find one that will match your bike or come in the style you prefer.

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