How To Breed Chihuahuas -Some Things To Be Aware Of

Most people think that breeding any kind of dog is easy. You just let them do How to breed chihuahuasthere thing and a few months you have a litter of puppies. With any breed there can be complication; especially with first time moms. You should learn how to breed chihuahauas first.

I had my own experience I will share about the one time I decided to breed my own chihuahuas.

Dog have instincts to help them know what to do; but sometimes it just does not happen the way it should. I am going to share some of these complications with you. As well as the age you should breed and when you should stop breeding your chihuahua.

What Age to Start Breeding Your Chihuahuas

It is recommended that with the female you wait until the second time she goes in heat. They are too young the first time the go in heat and giving birth may lead to complications. You should wait until the second or third heat. It is also recommended that you breed them before turning three years old.

Another thing to consider for a safe pregnancy and delivery is to wait until she is fully grown which is around 1.5 years if age. This gives the pelvic region and hip width time to be fully formed and at maximum width. Young females also do not have strong enough knee and hip formation, for carrying extra weight.

For the male it is recommended to wait unto he is at least a year old. He will start to produce sperm by 7 to 8 months of age. Waiting until he is a year old ensures the sperm strong enough to reach the female’s eggs.

The males are in their prime from the age of 1.5 to 5 years old. After, the age of 5 the sperm will gradually weaken. While an older male dog can technically still impregnate a female, the chances decline as the dog matures.

Is The Male Smaller Than The Female?

How to bree chihuahuasI found out through my own experience with breeding chihuahuas that the male should always be smaller. Because Chihuahuas are a small breed, the male should be at least be a pound smaller than the female. This will help produce smaller babies.

You should also, find out how big the male’s parents are. The parents should also be smaller than your female. This will give the females better chance of being able to have her puppies naturally. When the male is bigger or comes from bigger parents; it can cause complications during birth.

Many females will end up having a cesarean section; which can be very dangerous for a smaller breed dog. The statistics say that births from c-sections only 67% of the pups will be born alive.

My Experience With Breeding

I was one of those that did not do my research ahead of time. Most of the conditions was right for my chihuahuas to have puppies. The one factor is probably one of the most important is what caused us problems. My male was bigger than my female.

When it came time for the puppies to be born, we were all excited. For my chihuahua it was her first litter. The first two puppies were breech. This caused her to need assistance. She stopped pushing after the body was out but leaving the head still inside. So, I put on some gloves and helped pull the two puppies out.

The third came out easily; he was born head first and she had no problems with him.

Then we waited after a few hours, no more puppies were being born. I called the vet and he suggested bringing her in that it had been too long in between puppies.

The vet pulled the first one out, which was puppy number four. She had gotten stuck because her head was tilted down and she was too big to come through. As, the vet techs worked to save her he pulled out puppy number five.

How to breed chihuahuas
She survived after the vet pulled her out.

At this point both puppies were unresponsive. The first one could not be revived, but the second little girl start to respond. So, as the vet finished examing the poor mom I sat and rubbed the puppy to keep her stimulated and I also had a hot water bottle to keep her warm.

The last puppy was up to high for the vet to retrieve. So we went back home to see if the puppy would move down and could be birthed naturally. After, a few hours the pup had not moved. At this point I was scared of losing the pup and the mom.

If the puppy had died inside the mom she could become toxic and die as well. We had four new pups that were striving and need their mom. So, we went back to the vet for a c-section and she was spayed as well. The last puppy was just as healthy as the rest. The mom was tired, sore and sleepy.

After, she was awake from the surgery the poor baby had to go home and be a mom to her five living pups. She did great taking care of her pups.

We decide to spayed her due to the complications and we did not want her to have to go through that again. Breeding was not worth chancing losing one of our own.

Here are some books that may help with your questions.


Age To Stop Breeding

Chihuahuas are a small breed and should not be bred after the age of six. The dog’s health should be taken into consideration as to when to stop breeding her.

You should also not breed her back-to-back. It is not healthy to let her get pregnant the next time she goes in heat. I would wait at least until the second heat to give her time to get her strength back from the first litter.

Your dog’s health should be priority. If you think that the dog if having health issues or having puppies caused her to become weak I would not keep breeding her.

Know the Facts Before You Breed.

how to breed chihuahuasI got lucky and things turned out alright with my chihuahua, but others may not be as lucky. Research, find out as much as you can before breeding your chihuahua. Find out about the males parents, and also find out if the females mother had any trouble with her liters.

If a c-section is required you will need the money to pay for it. So you may want to plan ahead just in case there are unexpected complications. I would talk to the vet and find out how much it would cost if your dog would have to have surgery.

I hope that this post will help someone that is thinking about breeding, so they do not make the same mistakes I made. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.





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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess it does make sense that the smaller breeds would have more issues with giving birth, just due to the size of their hips and the size of their puppies. And yeah, it makes sense for everyone breeding their chihuahuas to plan on having enough money to cover a c-section if needed.

  2. This was truly an informative read. I am not in any way interested in breeding dogs but after reading your info and especially your reenactment of what you went through, I definitely would have purchased the books you suggested. Very interesting article!

  3. Great article, truly enjoyed reading and I did not know that you should wait till the second or third time that the female is in heat, before you breed them. It does make sense that the male should be smaller as well for the birth to go well. Very informative post, thanks again.

  4. Very interesting stuff! I never liked Chihuahuas for some reason and now after I spend some time with two of them, I fell in love! Is there a specific breed that goes well with someone who never had a dog before?

  5. Great guide! Although I don’t have a chihuahua, my sister has a few but has no clue about breeding them, not the right way anyway. I’ll let her know that she should wait until the second time the dog goes on heat, not before, and that the males are slightly smaller than the females. This is valuable knowledge she’s going to find useful! Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi Paula, my mom has a chihuahua and as I have learned with her’s they are certainly unique little creatures. I’m going to share your blog with her and see what she thinks. Thanks for sharing!

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