Indoor Activities For Dogs – Stop The Boredom

indoor activities for dogsMost chihuahuas prefer to be indoors most of the day when it is nice out. But when it starts getting cold or rainy they do not like to go out at all. This can cause them to get bored and lazy during the winter months. Just like us our dogs need to stay active during the colder seasons.

Keeping them entertained will require some of your time. But it can be a lot of fun spending time with your pet.

Tug of War

I found that even the older dogs enjoy a good game of tug of war. If you have a rope toy lying around try to encourage your pet to play a with for about 30 minutes. This will get them woke up and moving on the days that are not good for playing outside.Indoor activities fpr dogs

A lot of times playing tug of war can turn into a game of fetch at my house. One of my chihuahuas loves for me to through the rope; just so he can bring it back to me. He likes a combination of tug of war and fetch.

You may want to keep in mind that some dogs may get a bit rowdy or excited while playing fetch in the house. And it is good to let your dog win. It shows them that you can be fun to play with.

Interactive Toys

There are toys that you can get for your dog that will keep them active and will also keep their mind active. There is a variety to choose from. Some are easier to play with than others. You hide small treats inside the toy. Your pet will have to figure out how to get the treat out.

You can get something as easy as a tumbling treat dispenser. All your pet has to do is roll it and the treat falls out. If you want to give your dog a challenge, teach them something new, or keep them occupied a little longer there are games that the dog will have to learn to slide a lever or pick something up or push it over in order to find the treat.

I also found games that did not involve treats. It is a game that has squeaky toys in it. An example would be squeaky squirrel. You hide the squirrels in a tree trunk and let the dog find them. There are other animal toys that you can get if you prefer a different squeaky toy.

Once, they find the toys, you can play fetch or your pet may just enjoy squeaking the toys and running around the house with them. Some of these come in different sizes; this gives you the option to get the right size for your pet.

I have recently purchased one of these with the squeaky toy games. I will be doing a review on it soon.

Teach Names of Toys

Indoor activities for dogsIf, your dog does not already know the names of his/her toys, teach them the toys’ name or give each toy a name. Whenever, you have accomplished this you have two activities you can do with your dog. The first one is to have the dog go fetch a toy and bring it to you (go get the duck).

Another idea would be to teach the dog how to clean up the toys after playtime is over. Have the dog pick up the toy you name and put it away. This can be rewarding for the dog and help you clean up at the same time.

Hide and SeekIndoor activities for dogs

If your dog knows how to stay. You can play hide-and-seek. If they do not know how to stay you could start off by teaching them to stay or find a creative way to sneak away to hide. Just like you did as a kid; you hide and call the dog’s name and let him/her come find you.

Have Fun

This is just a few ideas of things you can do with you pet on rainy and cold days. We all, including are pets, get bored on the days that weather does not permit us to get outside. There are plenty of other creative ways to help keep your dog occupied. Please feel free to share your ideas or any comments below.





8 thoughts on “Indoor Activities For Dogs – Stop The Boredom”

  1. Dogs, just like us get cabin fever. They need to be engaged in some stimulating activity if kept indoors, otherwise the inevitable happens. They invent their own playtime and plat things which sometimes includes your furniture, your shoes or anything else they get their teeth into, and we all know the outcome. When I had my dogs they were kept with lots of play things, and the chew toys were the most important. If I had dogs, I would be looking at these for purchase for sure. Great article!

  2. I own a Yorkie myself, winter is coming so it’s time to think of how to entertain my dog, I personally enjoy the most Tug of war toys, actually I can tell it’s my dogs favorite indoor game, I’m not sure because Yorkies have this unique personality of being rough or it’s just coincidence. Nothing better for your dog than interaction with his owner, just like any other relationship it’s matter of two. In case you’re busy Toys are for me the second best option, there are many options out there and not necessarily expensive, I got my dogs toys at the dollar store and he definitely loves them. Personally I dislike Teach Names of Toys, I consider them cruel and not the best way to teach your dog, again, there are many good affordable options online to train your dog if money for you is an issue.

  3. Friends of ours are adopting a dog. They are an elderly couple who have never cared for dogs before. These activities you have shared will be mighty useful . They love walking so the pup will have plenty of those. But the truth is that the weather gets pretty miserable over here in the UK during winter and they and their new pet will be forced to spend time indoors. Their grand kids and the pup will have a ball with these activities over Christmas. Thank you, will definitely pass these on to our friends. Just know that they will be very grateful.

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