Small Dog Winter Clothes – Get Ready

Small Dog Winter ClothesIt’s that time of year again; time to get prepared for winter. If, you have a chihuahua in the family; you may consider getting them small dog winter clothes for those cold days. These dogs were meant to be in warmer climates; so they get cold easier than some of the other breeds that can acclimate to the cold. I have a few suggestions to keep your little one warm this winter.

Small Dog Winter ClothesWinter Coats

Those of you who live where it can get bitterly cold; a winter coat may be the best choice. They are thicker than sweaters and have a liner in them. They also have a hood. You can get a padded coat or plush coat. If, you live where it snows a lot they also have snow suits that have a fleece liner. Winter coats also can be waterproof or reversible. When picking out a coat you will need to consider what is best for the area you live in. You can find some coats at the store. But, I found they have a lot better selection online.

SweatersSmall Dog Winter Clothes

Sweaters would probably be a better choice for those of us that live in a milder climate. Where I live the lows may occasionally get below the upper 20s. And these little guys usually do not stay out very long when it is cold, rainy, or snowy. A sweater would help keep them from getting a chill while they run out and take care of business. Sweaters comes in different sizes and color you should be able to find one that you like and that will fit. Sweaters can also used in the house; for those who enjoy putting cute clothing on their pet.

Small Dog Winter ClothesJumpsuits or Sweatsuits

You can give your dog a different look with jumpsuits or sweatsuits. These can also be made to keep your dog warm. Some of these are  waterproof. Some of sweatsuits have a popular name brand on them. You can find a jumpsuit with the air force logo on it. I also found a pair of overalls and a dinosaur suit; these ones were made for more indoors. There is a lot of different cute designs and colors in the jumpsuits and sweatsuits. Just remember when you are picking one out that some are for indoors and some are for outdoors. You would want to get one that serves the right purpose.


A lot of people that have chihuahuas just enjoy dressing them up and making them look cute. Although, some of these items could be useful in some cod areas; they will also make your pet look even cuter. Your pet may need a pair of waterproof boots if you live where it is really cold and snowy or rainy. You can Small Dog Winter Clothesalso find boots that the main purpose is just to keep your dog’s feet warm. All the boots come with anti slip soles. They also have Velcro to make it easy for you to put them on and take them off. Another choice would be a pair of shoes;these would be more for fun than warmth. Just in case  you want to match them up with an outfit or jumpsuit your pet may be wearing out that day. These come in canvas, mesh, or rubber. They also have anti-slip bottoms and most have Velcro. The last thing would be a knitted hat or a hat and scarf combination. You can get these just for fun, a special occasion, a holiday or a few would be for warmth. The hat would be just another accessory to add for fun.

Be prepared

Winter will be here before we know it. In some parts it is already starting to get cold. Now is the time to be thinking about what your chihuahua may need to help keep him/her warm during the winter months. We need to keep our babies warm when they go outside. These dogs have a tendency to get cold easy. Whether you need a coat, sweater or just something cute for your pet , I hope you find what you are looking for.