Things Harmful To Dogs – Items In Your Home

Things harmful to dogsOne of my own chihuahuas inspired me to write this post. There are things lying around your house that could be harmful or deadly to your dog. If, you have a dog that will eat just about anything; then this is something you need to read.

Athletic AdhesiveTape

I am going to start with adhesive tape, because that is where the trouble started at my house.

The adhesive athletic tape can be very harmful to your dog. Someone at my house was using this on a finger after surgery. It had fallen off during the Things harmful to dogsnight and got lost. One of my precious chihuahuas found it. I am still not sure how he managed to swallow it, but he swallowed it whole.

A day later he started vomiting and stopped eating. At first, he was treated by the vet for the vomiting. After, a couple more days we went back to have more test done. The x-ray showed a blockage; at the time no one knew what the blockage was.

The only solution was surgery. After the vet finished; we found out how bad it really was. The wrap had started eating holes in his intestines. He had to remove about half of the large intestines. If, we had not had the surgery done when we did I would had lost one of my babies.

He is doing good now. It took about a month before he could eat solid food again. I just have to make sure that he does not find anything else to eat.

Pain Medication

Things harmful to dogsWhen our dogs are in pain it is natural to want to help them. The pain medications we take are not always safe choice for our dogs. You need to talk to vet before giving any OTC medication.

  • Tylenol: Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in this pain reliever. Acetaminophen (also used in Excedrin and other aspirin-free drugs) this can be used in dogs, but you must be careful with the dosage. Ask a vet before giving Tylenol to your dog. Acetaminophen overdose in dogs can cause severe liver damage. As, little as two regular-strength pills can cause overdose in your dogs.
  • Aspirin: Dogs can use this drug, and sometimes a vet will recommend it for pain. Continuous use of aspirin can cause bad side effects. These side effects: Gastric ulcers (if prolonged use), Loss of appetite, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Seizures, Coma, Loss of blood clotting capabilities.
  • Ibuprofen: This is the active ingredient in over-the-counter medications such as Advil, Motrin, and “cold and flu” medications, and is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID). This drug is never recommended for dogs. It can cause severe gastric ulcers or acute kidney failure. If accidentally ingested you should seek medical help immediately.
  • Naproxen: This is the active ingredient in Aleve or Anaprox, and is a very strong NSAID. The smallest doses can result in severe symptoms of gastric ulcers, stomach perforations, or acute kidney failure in dogs. You should never give this to your dog.


Chocolate can cause your dog to get very sick or cause death. The darker chocolate seems to be more harmful. This is one of the most common causes of dog poisoning. Even a chocolate chip cookie can cause big problems for a little dog.

If, you think your dog might have eaten chocolate call your vet right away. The vet will ask you about the size of your dog, what kind of chocolate did he/she eat, and how much was eaten. The vet may want you to make your dog vomit. Some dogs have to be hospitalized and observed.


Things harmful to dogsCigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco are dangerous to your dog. Cigarette butts can be deadly to your dog if he eats enough of them. The filter that holds all the nicotine, cigarette butts hold just as much nicotine as the whole cigarette.

The good flavors and the high content of the drug in e-cigarette liquid have caused a rise in reported poisonings. Please, do not leave these products unattended and within the dog’s reach. This type of nicotine is readily absorbed through the skin and gastrointestinal system, making it highly toxic for your dog. It only takes about four milligrams of nicotine per pound of body weight to be fatal. This means that less than a teaspoon of liquid nicotine or one cigarette can be fatal in small dogs.

If, you think your dog has eaten a form of nicotine seek medical help immediately.Things harmful to dogs

Keep Your Dog Safe

Dogs like to explore and get into things that they should not. I have listed some things that your pet could find that could cause them harm. Remember to keep things like bandages, all medications and nicotine products out of reach of your pet. And chocolate should never be fed to your dog as a treat. Unfortunately, a dog will eat something harmful again if he/she can get to it. They do not realize the harm that they are doing to themselves.

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Gifts For Chihuahuas – Getting Ready For Christmas

Gifts for ChihuahuasAlmost, everyone enjoys Christmas. We enjoy buying our love one gifts and making stocking for them. Our little fur babies are usually on our list to buy for as well.

I hope to give you some ideas for gifts for chihuahuas. You would want to buy things that not only will the dog enjoy, but that will be good for their health. I guess in a few extra treats for Christmas would not hurt anything either. Just remember too much of a good thing will upset our dog’s stomach just like it does ours.

Fill Those Stockings

Some of us like to include our pets when it comes to making up stockings. Gifts for ChihuahuasBut what would be good to put in their stockings? I think that small chew toys would fit into a stocking. These are good for cleaning the teeth, too. I would suggest nylon or rubber chew toys. They are washable and durable.

Small plush squeaky toys or small balls would also fit nicely in the stocking. These could be used to help feel up the bottom of the stocking. This will give your chihuahua something to keep him/her busy while you visit with others or open your on gifts.

Another thing you can do is to buy a stocking that is already made; it has the toys and treats already in it. This the easy way to do it if you are a last minute shopper or run out of ideas.

Wrapping It Up

Gift for ChihuahuasSome dogs love tearing up paper and unwrapping their gifts. This can be so much fun to watch and the dog seems to get so excited. Our pets are like having extra children in the house. They enjoy getting new things too.

You can buy gift sets to wrap up. You can find some with just toys in them. Others have treats for your pet as well. Some of these gift sets come in boxes; so it will make it easy for you to wrap. I found some of these gift sets on Amazon.

There is other gift sets do not come in a box to wrap. These also have a variety of toys that come in them. All the gift sets have a different number of items in them. You can choose how much you want to spend and still get something that your dog will enjoy.

New Clothes

Everyone likes getting something new to wear at Christmas. This is another Christmas idea. Does your dog need a new coat or sweater? Maybe, you would just like to buy them something cute to wear around the house on the Gifts for Chihuahuaschilly days.

You can get festive with a Christmas sweater or buy a jumpsuit or overall outfit. The overall outfit looks cute but I think it is kinda of funny too.

Christmas is a great excuse to buy a new clothing for your pet

Gifts for ChihuahuasOther Ideas

It can also be fun just to buy the items that are not needed. There are cute little charms you can buy that goes on your pets collar or harness. You can also find bows, hats and bow ties that would look adorable. I also found some cute bandannas.

Do not forget you can also find cute socks for the holiday season. There is also socks, shoes, or boots. In some places shoes or boots are recommended because of the cold temperatures.

Enjoy Christmas

Whether you decide to go all out for your pet for Christmas or just pick them up a treat. I hope you consider some of the ideas that I have suggested in this post. I hope everyone will have a safe and great Christmas.

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Senior Dog Dementia -It Does Exist

Senior Dog DementiaI never thought about a dog having dementia;until after a good friend of mine lost her dog to dementia that was almost 18 years. It never occurred to me that a senior dog dementia even existed. Now that I know about it, I want to make others are aware of it as well.

This also known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). This is similar to Alzheimer in people. There is a physical and chemical change in the brain. This time in your dog’s life can be very hard on you and your pet.

What Age?

Senior dog dementia usually start in dogs older than ten years of age. That puts chihuahuas and a lot of other smaller breeds in the category of dogs that can get the condition.

Most of my dogs are over ten years old now. So, I have started paying closer attention to their behavior. Up to 50% of dogs over the age of 11 and about 68% of dogs by the age 15 starts showing some signs of dementia.

What are the Symptoms

  • Becomes lost in familiar places; such as around the home or backyard
  • Becomes trapped behind familiar furniture or in room corners
  • Has trouble finding or using doors and negotiates using stairs
  • Does not respond to his/her name or familiar commands
  • Becomes withdrawn and unwilling to play, go for walks, or even go outside
  • Gets to the point of not recognize or is startled by family members or toys
  • Frequently trembles or shakes, either while standing or lying down
  • Paces or wanders aimlessly throughout the house or in the yard
  • Frequently has accidents in the house, regardless of the frequency he/she goes outside
  • Sleeps more during the day and less at the night
  • Stares at walls or out into space
  • Is startled by interior lighting, or the TV
  • Seeks less and less of your attention, praise, and play
  • He/she is hesitant to take treats, drink fresh water, or eat fresh foodSenior Dog Dementia

Your pet will not show all of these signs. There may just be a couple of the signs that shows up. The dog will get where he/she is scared of the people that he/she has lived with all of their life.

Other Conditions That It Could Be

  • Advanced arthritis could cause decreased activity and hesitation going down stairs
  • Hearing loss can inattentiveness
  • Vision loss can cause confusion and getting lost or trapped in a familiar surrounding
  • Incontinence could cause frequent accidents in the house. There is several other medical problems that can cause incontinence.
    Senior Dog Dementia

How You Can Help

I also found in my research that you can get your dog a supplement to help with cognitive issues. I put together a list of things that you can do around the house that may help with the dog’s confusion.

  • Try not to change, rearrange your furniture
  • Eliminate clutter and create wider pathways through your house
  • Consider purchasing or building a ramp to help with stairs
  • Learn your dog’s limits when introducing new toys, food, people, or other animals
  • If you do not have a routine already; develop a routine feeding, watering, and walking schedule
  • Keep commands short, simple, and be compassionate; your dog may not remember or understand what you are wanting them to do.
  • Encourage gentle and involved, short play sessions

A Serious Condition

Senior dog DementiaDog dementia is a serious condition. As your pet gets older try to be more aware of your dog’s behavior. There are several different reasons why your pet has a behavior change. Sometimes it could just be that he/she is getting older or it could be several different conditions; including dementia. If your dog seems to be having some of these symptoms take him/her to the vet for an evaluation.

This can be very hard on the owner as well as the dog. When you have had a pet for over 10 years they are part of the family. Your children may have grown up with this dog.

I could not imagine waking up one morning and not remembering where I am at or who I am with. This can happen, your pet. He/she will be scared and not understand what is happening to them.

I hope you and your pet never have to experience dog dementia, but if you do I hope I have given you enough information that you will be able recognize what is happening and get you pet the help he/she needs.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below.





Advantage II Review – Does It Work

Advantage II ReviewI have used several different products on my dog. I have tried home remedies for fleas, different flea shampoos, different brands of flea collars and Advantage II. All of these choice only give temporary relief to your dog from fleas. There is a large variety of flea products on the market today that you can try. I am doing an Advantage II review, because I know it works. I have several dogs and fleas have not been a problem since I started using Advantage.

Rating and Overview

Product: Advantage II

Company: BayerAdvantage II Review

Price:4-Pack $35-$60; 6-Pack $45-$70.

Where you can buy it: pet supply store, vet office, online pet supply stores, and Amazon.

I give Advantage II 5 out of 5 stars.

Where I Have Purchased It

I have bought this product from my local vet. I got a 6-Pack for a medium size dog for 6 months. It cost me $99. They did give me a free tube. So I had seven months worth. This price was high. I will not be going back there unless I run out and need it right away. Which, I do not see that happening; seeing I have an entire month to buy more.

I have also ordered it from 1-800-PetMeds a couple of times. They are pretty good about putting it on sale or having a promotion. And free shipping may be an option.

The other place I bought Advantage from was Amazon. Through my research Amazon is the cheapest place I found so far. They also do free shipping. This is also where I got my pricing for this review.

I always try to shop around for the best deal. I like this product but I also want to get it at a reasonable price.


  • You only need to apply it once a month
  • It starts to kill fleas on your dog within 12 hours
  • It kills the fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs
  • It also kills fleas inside your home
  • It is safe for dogs as small as three pounds
  • It is safe for puppies after seven weeks old
  • You can get it in 4, 6, or 12 months supply
  • It is waterproof

When you have dogs in the house and they get bring fleas in it can cause a major problem for you. This is one reason I like Advantage II so much. I have all my dogs in the house and while using this product I do not have to worry about how I am going to control fleas getting on my furniture.Advantage II review


  • It has a metal smell to it until it dries
  • It could get expensive if your dogs are in a different weight range
  • Just like any type of treatment a small percentage of dogs can have a bad reaction to it
  • It can get on your furniture and leave a stain if it has not dried yet.

On the Advantage website it says it is fragrance free. I do not agree with this. I always use it early in the day when my dogs will be outside more. This way it has time to dry and the smell does not get on my furniture. I also have to watch one of my chihuahuas. He loves to get under the covers and the smell will get on my sheets if it has not dried yet. So you want to be sure you have time to let dry before applying it.

What Others Think

Most of the reviews I read while doing my research on this product were almost all good, Most people were very satisfied with the product and planned on buying it again. Most people say it worked very well on there pet and did not cause any bad reactions. Most people like how fast it started to work.

Here are the few bad reviews it got. Some people said it did not work on their dogs. Another lady thought her dog was having a bad reaction from it. Another person said the fleas came back within about a week.

As far as fleas coming back. I thought that myself at one time. But I noticed the fleas right after the dog had came back in from outside. I asked the vet about it. He told me it does not prevent fleas from getting on the dog, but it kills them after they are on the dog. This could be one explanation to why the fleas looked like they came back.Advantage II Review

Wrapping It Up

When you have a dog or dogs that live in your home; you need a good flea solution. The solution needs to be good for you and your dog. Advantage II is a good solution for you and your pet. And I love the fact that I do not have to go out and buy something to exterminate my house with. Advantage II takes care of the problem before it becomes a problem. I would recommend this product to anyone that has pets.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


Anxiety Dog Wrap – Product Review

Product: Anxiety Wrap
Company: The Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Chihuahua’s Experience with Anxiety

Calming a Nervous dog
My bigger chihuahua

I bought this anxiety dog wrap for one of my chihuahuas; that has become terrified of thunderstorms and other loud noises. When he was younger he would just sit and shake. But it seems the older he gets the worse the anxiety gets. He had gotten to the point he would run through the house panting and shaking. Seeing, that he is a senior dog now, I was starting to get worried that all the anxiety could cause him health problems. I was afraid he would have a heart attack.

So, I started researching ways to help him with this problem. When he was younger I spoke to the vet and he gave him valuum. This was a bad idea. I did not like drugging my dog up every time a storm came through. At times the storm would have already passed by before the drug took effect. Then I just had a sleepy dog for no reason. In my opinion use medication should be a last resort. Anxiety is a common thing in dogs, especially chihuahuas. They tend to have a nervous nature about them already.

I decided to see what other methods were available to help with the anxiey. Since, he is the first pet that I had that had this problem; I was not very educated on the problem but I knew he needed some relief. After reading about anxiety wraps and thunder vest I decided to purchase the anxiety wrap from Amazon. I knew I needed to at least try something to help my poor baby.

Did it Work

I can not say it completely took away his anxiety. But it did cut it way down. He is not running through the house anymore. He still shakes and pants some, but he is a lot calmer than he was before I bought the wrap. I think one of the reason it did not completely work is that I went by the size chart and the wrap is a little big. I use the Velcro to adjust it so it fits tighter. I think I am going to buy a smaller size in the same brand; which should make a big difference. I am hoping it will resolve the problem completely.

The sizing chart can run big,  this is why I gave it four stars. The wrap should fit tightly if you have the correct size. It fits one of my chihuahuas that’s a little bigger better. So, when buying this product keep in mind that you may want to buy it a size smaller than the chart recommends. Hopefully, the company will realize this is a problem and adjust the measurements of their chart or make some changes to their product.

Anxiety dog wrapWhat Other People Thought

As I went through and read some of the other reviews. I found that some people had the same problem I had with the size chart. This was the biggest complaint. The people that bought the wrap for  smaller dogs gave it a better review. This product seems to work better for the poeeple who bought the wrap in the smaller sizes. One person talked about how much they loved the product and how much better the dog did during storms. Another person said their dog no longer needed anxiety medication.

This product did not seem to work out as well for the bigger dogs. Some of the people that had bigger dogs with a long, thick coast did not like the product. They said it was too stretchy and would not fit tight enough around the thick fur. Some people complained that it tore easily or didn’t like the quailty of the material

Anxiety Dog WrapPros and Cons

Pros: this product does work for smaller dogs. It can help your pet with anxiety. I like the fact that is stretchy so that you can get a good fit. It is breathable and allows your dog to be able to move around freely, even if they are running. It can take the place of medication. The product is cost effective. And it is easy to clean. I have had mine for about four months and it seems to be holding up well.

Cons: the sizing chart is not accurate. It does not work as good on the bigger dogs or fluffy dogs. Some people found it difficult to put on. Others complained about the quality of the material. It only comes in one color; black. Some people prefer to be able to pick what color they want.

In conclusion

I think the anxiety wrap helps. Other do not feel the same way as I do. The biggest problem with the wrap is it seems to be made big or the sizing chart is off a bit. I personally would buy this product again and I will buy it again in the near future. This product is affordable and it works for a lot of people. On the Amazon review it got 3 out of 5 stars. I gave it a little higher score because it does work for me and my dog. I am pleased with the product and glad I bought it. If you would like to find out more about this product or purchase it; you can find it on Amazon.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or your own review below.