Chihuahua Puppy Molera – Soft spot

Chihuahua puppy molearDid you know that chihuahua puppies are born with a soft spot (molera)? Just like your baby your chihuahua puppies can have a soft spot as well. Most of them close up like they should over time. Most of the spots close up between four weeks and four months. But some chihuahuas have them all their life.

What is Molera

We know it as a soft spot. A molera is an opening in the top of the puppy’s skull that has not fused together. It can be at the top-center of the skull, several inches above the nose. The molera is typically either circular or diamond shape. It is about the size of a dime.

If depends on the breed of the dog and the shape of the dog’s head the shape and size of the spot. Some have smooth edges, others have rough or jagged edges. As the puppy grows, cartilage pulls the skeletal plates together, closing the molera and calcifying the skull.

About 80% to 90% of all Chihuahuas are born with this. It was once considered a mark of purity in the breed. Apple-head chihuahuas, are more likely to develop and retain a molera than their deer-head, because of their smaller heads. The same for the teacup chihuahua, because they are the smaller guys in the breed they have smaller heads.

Can Molera Be Dangerouschihuahua puupy molera

In order to protect your puppy; you should still take precautions to protect the head from injury. They could sustain brain injury due to trauma to the head until the skull completely closes up. It’s completely normal anatomical feature that usually closes over time. Even if doesn’t close, there’s no evidence linking the molera to any adverse health condition.

Here are few tips to help keep your puppy from getting an injury:

  • Let your veterinarian know about the soft spot
  • Supervise your puppy during playtime
  • Avoid allowing your puppy to play with bigger dogs; a bigger dog could easily bite the soft spot
  • Try not allow your puppy to jump off furniture, steps, or any objects that could cause him/her to lose his/her balance and hit the head
  • Watch your feet to avoid accidentally kicking your puppy in the head

If your puppy hits his/her head and begins acting unusual such as lethargic, trouble breathing, agitation, seizure; take your puppy to the vet immediately.


Normal Life With Molera

chihuhua puppy moleraEven if the molera never closes, your pet can still live a full, energetic, and active life. The difficulty with owning a dog with this is the constant concern that the spot will get hit and cause the dog problems. The dog is unaware that there is a problem and will be as rambunctious as any other dog would be. You will have to take precaution on how your dog plays throughout his/her life it the spot does not close up.

Some study at one time suggested that the dog will also have hydrocephalus (water on the brain). While puppies with hydrocephalus will commonly have an open fontanel due to the swelling of the brain, this is does not mean that the puppy will have hydrocephalus or have problems if they are born with molera. This is a different condition that can cause molera.

In Conclusion

Molera is a common thing in small breed dogs. The spot should close up on its own. Although, some dogs have it their entire life. Using precautions with these dogs; they can live a normal life even if the spot does not close up. If you think you puppy has molera; ask your vet for advice to keep the puppy safe.

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Love Chihuahuas – I Love My Chihuahuas

Love ChihuahuasI have always liked smaller breed dogs. But after having a chihuahua that is the only breed I will probably have from here on out. i love chihuahuas. The first chihuahua I saw was when I was a child. But he seem to be a mean little thing, at least I thought so. I was so fascinated by him, but he would not let me near him. He would bark and growl anytime I tried to approach him. He was an older dog and probably was not used to being around children. You would think that he would have discouraged me from wanting one myself, but he just made me even more curious about these small dogs.

My Chihuahua Family

I wanted a chihuahua for several years before I finally decided to buy one from a local breeder. I got my first chihuahua over eleven years ago. The breeder I got him from did not have a good set up for breeding, so I talked her into letting me bring him home at four weeks old. I hand fed him the first few weeks I had him because he was so young. He turned eleven in May. He seems to still be in good Love Chihuahuashealth. He likes to play fetch and catch, but he does not play for as long as he used to. That is understandable; he is getting to be an old man.

I got the idea, that I would breed him and sell the puppies would be something I would like to do. That is when I got my second chihuahua. She was a rescue dog. They only had one liter of puppies; breeding wasn’t meant for me. I fell in love with those tiny little puppies and did not want to sell them. I kept three of the five puppies. That brought the number chihuahuas I had up to five.

I not only had all five of them in my house, but they all slept in the bed with me too. I know that is a lot of dogs to have in the bed. But I love to snuggle up with one or more of my fur babies at night, especially on cold winter nights. I plan on having at least one chihuahua for the rest of my life.

They Are So Cute

Love ChihuahuasTo me they are one of the cutest dog you can have. I love to see these tiny dogs; for me the smaller they are the cuter they are. I think it is so adorable when I see one dressed up in a cute outfit. I truly believe some chihuahuas like being dressed up. If one of mine gets a new collar or sweater they prance around as if they were saying; don’t I look cute you in what I have on. Some people really enjoy dressing them up in different outfits. Some people like to buy accessories to go with the outfits; dog collar charm, a hat or a pair of shoes. You can buy an entire wardrobe for them.

The also like to prance around and show of the new toy that you just bought them or anything they can find to show you. It does not have to be a new toy, it can be one they have had for a long time.

They like to be the center of attention. At least, the ones I have do. Sitting up on their back legs or standing up dancing around just so you will acknowledge them and give them attention. I have one that will sit and moan at me when he gets jealous because I am petting one of the other dogs. Some of the things they do can be so funny.Love Chihuahua

Low Maintenance

Chihuahuas do not require a lot of grooming. They do have times that they shed. Bathing them every few months is recommended and brushing them regularly is all the grooming they need. For me this is a plus. I do not have to worry about having to take my dog to the groomers every so often for a hair cut.

They will need their nails trimmed on a regular bases as well. Some people prefer to take their pet to the groomer or vet to have this done. If you take them to the groomers they will also paint their nails for you, their nails can match a new outfit you want them to wear. I usually cut my dogs nails myself. But you Love Chihuahuashave to be careful not to cut them back too far if you do it yourself.


These dogs can be very lovable animals. They are considered lapdogs. Most of the time they prefer to stay close to their owner. Just like other breeds they usually pick one person. When, I sit on the couch I have at least two of the three chihuahuas with me. They are either on my lap or laying up against me. These dogs also like to have other chihuahuas around. Mine usually sleep against each other, close to each other, or against me.

I know some people think chihuahuas are mean and some people are scared of them. I admit there are some mean chihuahuas out there. I think these dogs are just extremely nervous or scared. Think about it, you have a five pound dog that is only several inches tail looking up at you; to that dog you look like a giant. Would you not be scared too? I know I would be.

In Conclusion

I wrote this post just to show how much I love this breed. They are very loving pets. A lot of people love to dress them up because they are so tiny, cute and it can be fun. They are also low maintenance. I know chihuahuas are not for everyone, but I hope to have giving you a different prospective on this breed. They really can be a good breed to have.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.