Chihuahuas As Services Dogs – Believe It or Not

Chihuahuas as Service dogsSome of are you are probably thinking how can such a tiny dog be a service dog. When you think of services dogs; most people think about German shepherds, labs or some other bigger breed of dog. I truly believe that chihuahuas as service dogs can be beneficial to some people. Maybe not in the same way as the bigger dogs, but they are trainable and can be useful in some situations.

A Sweet Companionchihuahuas as service dogs

I know you are probably thinking how is this a service. Just think about it a minute. You have a single or elderly person that is lonely; having a pet can help keep them company. Especially, an elderly person who lives alone. A lot of times they look at their pets as their child or baby. It gives them something to take care of. It gives them something to be responsible for. Some elderly women like to put clothes on their pet.

In my opinion chihuahua would be a great choice. They are very loving dogs. They are also lapdogs; which could help keep a lonely person company throughout the day. The dog can sit on their lap while they watch TV together or take an afternoon nap together.

Another good reason to have a chihuahua around would be that they will definitely tell you if someone is in your yard. So, they could also give a single or elderly person a sense of security; just knowing that there is someone else in the house that could hear someone pulling in or approaching the house.

A Great Therapy Dog

Chihuahuas as Service DogsAlthough, at times I know that chihuahuas can be nervous or skittish, they can be trained properly and would make great therapy dogs. I they would make great therapy dogs in the children’s hospitals, nursing homes, or for people with disabilities.

Because of, their small size it makes it easier to set them up on hospital beds. Their size also makes it easier for someone to hold the dog on their lap. Other reasons that make them good therapy dogs is their personalities;they are alert, intelligent and confident.

There are chihuahuas that are serving as therapy dogs now and show that they are a good match for the job.

Can They Be Watch Dogs?

The answer to the question is yes. While doing research I found out some people Chihuahuas asService Dogsranked them number one for a small breed watch dog. They can be very territorial. So if someone or some other animal is in their territory they are going to let you know about it.

Chihuahuas have a reputation of liking to bark a lot anyway, so this would give them a reason to bark. This can come in handy if they are a watchdog. Another thing about these dogs; they do not realize how small they are so they are brave and act much bigger than they are, especially if they feel like their territory has been threatened.

It is also advised if you want your chihuahua to be a watch dog that you train them when it is the appropriate time to bark. And even though most of these dogs can be yappers, that does not mean all of them are. Personality needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to training any dog to be a watch dog.

Diabetic Service Dogs

First, I will explain what a diabetic service dog is. It is a dog that have learned to recognize when his/her owner’s blood sugar level has reached a dangerously low level or is about to reach a dangerously low level. There are two levels of these types of service dogs.

The diabetics service dogs can tell if their owner’s blood sugar is too low. It is by the smell of isoprene on their owner’s breath. The dog has been trained to act in a certain behavior to alert the owner. The owner usually has 15 to 30 minutes before symptoms start to occur. These are the behaviors the dog’s have been trained to do:

  • Touching his owner’s shoulderChihuahuas as Services Dogs
  • Touching the owner’s nose
  • Staring at the owner
  • Some have a small toy on their collar they will hold in their mouth until the owner acknowledges them.
  • Some of these dogs have also been trained to alert another family member if the owner is not acknowledging them.

The medical response dog is trained to assist the owner after showing symptoms. These dogs are trained to:

  • Bring needed objects and medication to the owner
  • Retrieve the phone if 911 is needed to be called
  • Alert other family members


Chihuahuas Can Be Service Dogs

These small, intelligent dogs can become service dogs. Depended on their personality they would be very good at it; with the proper training. Somethings just come natural for them. Like being a good companion for an older person and being alert. These dogs are trainable and would make great therapy dogs or diabetic service dogs. And even though they are not big in stature they can make great watch dogs as well.

If you have any question or comment, please feel free to leave them below. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.